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The Archangels-2

angel 4

Angel week: Day 2

Yesterday’s blog gave a brief overview of Metatron, Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel.

Angel fun fact:  Most angel names end with the suffix “el,” which translates as “of God.”

The next 4 Princes of the celestial order are:

  • The angel for the month of October and February
  • Has the distinction of being one of 7 Electors (in the Underworld)  who is under the rule of Zaphiel ( aka, ruler of the Order of  Cherubim)
  • Rules the movements of the celestial spheres
  • Not always included in the archangel list

Barachiel/ Barakile/Barkiel:
  • The lightening of God
  • Ruler of February
  • Prince of the Order of Confessors
  • One of 4 ruling seraphim
  • Ruler of the planet Saturn and zodiac signs Scorpio and Pisces
  • One of 3 angels you want to call upon in a game of chance (The Vegas angel?)
  • Ruler/Prince of the 2nd Heaven

angel 6Satan ( before the Fall):

  • Some scholars believe that Satan and Lucifer and not one in the same. Lucifer is thought to refer to Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon.  Some believe that St. Jerome mixed up his reading of Isaiah 14:12. The mix-up is perpetrated by Milton in Paradise Lost.
  • The term is used to denote an office/position, not a specific angel
  • Hebrew name meaning “adversary”
  • Originally  ha-satan: cheif of seraphim, head of the Order of Virtues
  • The Talmud says he was created on the 6th day of creation
  • Has 12 wings instead of the “normal” 6
  • Prince of the power of air
  • Either took the form of a serpent in the Garden of Eden or used the serpent to tempt Eve
  • Not referred to as enemy of God until New Testament
  • By the way, there is no mention of fallen angels in the Old Testament.

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Sexy Fiends

As an author of urban fantasy and lover of all things mythological, I thought a bit of fiendishly sexy might be fun!

The following is a list of our most licentiousness sexual predators. And we must be intrigued by ’em or why would there be so many Vampire novels,  movies, and TV shows about them! Bring on the sexy demons!

Centaur: Half man, half stallion, these drinking, frolicking creatures like a good roll in the hay with willing lasses. They’ve even been known to kidnap a bride (and her attendants) on  her wedding day!

Encantato: Good-looking enchanters  or enchantresses who come from the  Amazon river’s depths to sing, dance, and make whoopee with the locals! Once enchanted, the Encantato takes their lover—or progeny—back to their magical water world. Evidently, the Encantato can live for many years posing as human. But don’t piss them off—they have the ability to make their enemies go crazy.

2382052_f520Incubus: Ugly male horny demon ( excuse the pun) who has his way with women in the middle of the night. The women just think they had a naughty dream. Demons can’t procreate with each other so it’s the horizontal mambo with humans if they want to produce offspring. If they are successful at impregnating a woman, the child  is 1/2 demon, 1/2 human—just like Merlin.

Succubus: Beautiful female demon who does the nasty with men in the dead of night. The wanton she-devil  might decide to have sex until the man died of exhaustion or turn him into a lustful predator.

Note: The Incubus & Succubus have been around a looooong time. Three thousand years ago, ancient Sumerians had the same problems with them.  Some things never change!

: A gorgeous woman on top and a rainbow-scaled snake below, the she-serpent seduces men and eats small children! Greek myths say Lamia fell victim to Queen Hera’s rage when she found the Libyan queen making sexy time with cheatin’ hubby Zeus. You know what they say about a woman scorned…”Hell hath no fury.”

Nephilim: Fallen angel dad, human mom, these giant men are known for their  VERY promiscuous behavior with the earthly ladies!

Popobawa: Roaming around Zanzibar, this smoke-smelling male demon rapes other males! The latest attacks were in 1995 and  all the victims reported the SAME sensation of suffocation and paralysis.

Vampires: Of course, no salacious demon list would be complete without mention of this iconic creature. Blood. Sex. You know the bit. The Merkabah Deception provides a few interesting facts about where, when, and how Vampires came to be a part of our history.

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Amazing Amazons

1Fierce! Courageous! Strong! Brave! Beautiful! Tall!

The warlike, self-reliant Amazons were a no nonsense tribe of early feminists.

An intriguing myth first perpetrated by the Greeks,  we’re more familiar with the modern Xena:Warrior princess and Wonder Woman version.

Like all myths there’s few real anthropological indicators to validate that there was indeed a tribe of women warriors. Wow– a race of warlike gorgeous ruling babes–who doesn’t want to totally buy into that legend!

XWP-CHARIOTS-OF-WAR-1X02-xena-warrior-princess-18580789-748-576Let’s start with the myth, because that’s more fun than the reality.

  • They hail from what is now Ukriane
  • Queen Hippolyta wore a magical girdle ( why such independent  women would wear one is beyond me–maybe it held their weapons)
  • They seared or cut off their right breast so it wouldn’t interfer with their archery aim ( although no ancient art depictions support this)
  • One tale claims they had sex with men in the neighboring lands soley to procreate. Boy babies were either returned to the father or left to die in the willderness
  • they dressed as Persian men–in pants
  • they invented the battle-axe
  • a woman couldn’t get married until she killed a man in battle
  • another story asserts the women kept male sex slaves
  • girls were raised to be hunters, warriors, and farmers

WW_(LC_1)What is provable:

  • graves found in the Ukraine reveals many women buried in battle gear and with weapons ( usually a spear)
  • women at the time would definitely have needed to defend themselves from  invaders since their warrior hubbys were on years-long military campaigns
  • scholars believe the myth arose from the Greek culture about their battles with foreign barbarians
  • or the myth originated  from the earlier Minoan civilization ( Bronze age )
  • the Amazon river is named after the explorer, Francisco de Orellana, who claims he encountered a tribe of warrior women while exploring the rain forest.

h2_32.11.4Amazons, bad-ass women who didn’t didn’t need men ( well…except for that one thing)!

Something to mull over:

Being referred to as an Amazon has a  (mostly) positive connotation,

whereas being called a Battle Axe–not so much!

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Giant Myths

Colossus! Behemoth! Hulk! Goliath! Ogre! Polypheme! Titan! 

Size matters! Especially in early myths.

Learn about any creation myth and chances are you’ll find mention of super tall, robust, and muscular beings. Kinda makes you wonder doesn’t it? Why did giants first roam and rule the earth?

All these Gigantors have one thing in common: Divinely amazing strength.

In alphabetical order, here’s a list of a few of the world’s great giants:

atlasAtlas: Greek Titan: After Zeus beat him up, he condemned Atlas to bear the world on his shoulders for ever.

Balor of the Evil Eye: Celtic one-eyed king of the Fomorians who killed people with one baleful look.  He and his giant kind were the first inhabitants of Ireland.

Daityas: Evil Hindu spirits who made war against the gods in the Beginning. The Goddess Indra kicked their hateful butts and threw the nasty lot into the ocean

Gogmagog: Big Boss of giants who lived in ancient Britain.  Killed by a short Trojan warrior who tossed him off a cliff.

Jentilak: Hirsute dudes who lived in the Pyrenees and tossed rocks from one mountain to another.

Nephilim: Half fallen angel, half human; they are the warlike and lascivious giants mentioned in Genesis and few other ancient texts ( my 2nd novel, The Merkabah Deception goes into more detail).

ipanku0001p1Pan Gu: Horned Chinese giant who wore animal pelts and used his giant ax to separate the Cosmic egg, thereby creating ying and yang.

Purusha: Colossus with 1000 heads and 1000 feet. After he was dismembered, his body parts were put to good use. The moon is his mind: the sun, his eyes; the wind, his breath.

Ten Giant warriors: Bad-ass Sri Lankan warriors who each had a special fighting talent.

Ymir: Norse Founder of the Frost Giants. Later, his body created the earth.

Zipacna: Evil Mayan who claims he created the mountains.

Did you notice? These mythical giants are all men!

Other similarities:The big dudes are all conquered.

Might these tales be an ancient metaphor?

Zombie Zaniness

Yup, this is me! What a great website!

Yup, this is me! What a great website!

There’s been a profusion of books and movies about Zombies lately! I don’t know why! Zombies lack the sexiness of vampires and the shifter abilities of were-creatures ( and there are a variety of animals that morph into humans).

Zombie legends have been around for 1000’s of years, with the first mention in that heroic tale The Epic of Gilgamesh. A pissed off Goddess threatens to allow the dead to come up from the depths of  hell in order to consume the living, all because stud muffin Gilgamesh turned down her sexual advances.

Zombie or zumbi or zombi comes from the African Congo  It  means “enslaved spirit” of one who is under the spell of a magician.

In the Middle Ages, zombies rose from the grave to take revenge for a crime.

The myth soon took on a life ( excuse the pun) of its  own.

In Haiti,  a mixture of African spirit beliefs and Catholicism blended to create the hideous feared demon that was thought to be the result of  voodoo magic. In other words, a live person could be turned into a zombie.

I  zombified my pooch!

I zombified my pooch!

Here’s some interesting info: Ingestion of the neorotoxin, tetrodotoxin–found in the  pufferfish– causes a person to appear dead–no signs of life at all ( this was before the invention of all the medical machines we  have now).  Nifty trick, huh? Voodoo priests used this poison on people, creating slaves for themselves. OR to scare the bejesus out of the victim or dupe an enemy.

Lots of conflicting information about zombies makes them the perfect horrific creature for movies and novels.

Here’s some zombie quick facts ( some sillier than others):

  • African witch doctors dig up dead bodies so the dead will do their evil bidding
  • If a zombie eats salt or looks at the ocean he returns to his grave
  • They can turn into animals
  • They ‘re unintelligent because an oxygen-less  grave destroyed their brain cells.
  • They don’t speak because they are stupid (see above)
  • They were the night time slaves of Haitian sugar plantations
  • In England/Ireland they are dead solders who have been cooked in a  creepy resurrecting magic cauldron so they can continue fighting
  • They can’t speak because they are not allowed to tell the living what exists after death
  • In Norse mythology they are Viking warriors with super strength who have come to eat the living.

295348_10200399530420506_891097673_nThe myth has changed over time and now zombies are the soulless semi-dead or undead who feast on the flesh of the living.

In the modern vernacular, it’s a person who has little control over their actions and mindlessly completes tasks.

Wait a minute…I think I know a few zombies…

It’s Monday! Feel like a Zombie yourself? Create your own zombie pic, click on this link

What a hoot! 

Signs You’re an Empath

Are you an empath?

You are an empath if you have highly developed intuitive senses or sensory perceptions.

The Mirriam Webster dictionary  defines empathy as “the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts and experiences of another of either the past or present without having the feeling, thoughts and experiences fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner.

 Did that definition help? No?

In reader friendly terms: Empathy is feeling the emotions of others

All humans possess empathic characteristics to a certain extent–we can “catch” a sneeze from someone else, or laugh/cry when we see others doing the same.

“Don’t cry! I’ll start crying too.” A phrase used by many women–whether they have extreme empathic traits or not.

We all put on our game face-especially in public, but an empath actually feels what another is really feeling.

Indicators you’re an empath:

  • Do you get instant feelings  about someone and intuit their true mood?
  • Do you instinctively know if someone is lying and the emotion behind the lie ( malice, guilt, courtesy)?
  • Do you cry or laugh or sneeze or feel pain when you are in close proximity to another who is experiencing those emotions/symtoms? For example: Will your own knee hurt when speaking to someone who is recovering from knee surgery?
  • Do certain noises drive you crazy? ( besides a screaming baby on an airplane)
  • Does a particular scent cause you to cry or laugh for no apparent reason?
  • Can you discern the prevailing emotion in a meeting?
  • Can you discern the emotional atmosphere in an empty room? ( leftover or residual emotional energy)
  • Can you determine if a person has high or low energy upon first meeting them?
  • Do parties leave you drained or overwhelmed?
  • Do people seek you out to dump on you emotionally?
  • Does watching some horror or tragedy on TV or movies leave you upset for hours!
  • Do you feel compelled or obligated to help people in pain?
  • Are you able to heal people through word or touch?

Most people possess empathy–it’s what makes us human.

Advertisers know this and  use our capacity to feel another’s emotions to drive sales ( think about all those sad puppy commercials).

Many websites are devoted to Empaths and the “problems” that come with being an emotional sponge. Wish I had time to review them all for you!

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Angel Hierarchy

2382052_f520Supernatural. Unearthly. Alien. Unworldly. Mystical. The Shadow World. The Netherworld—
call it what you will, we all believe in the existence of some other place—a location where other things outside our understanding exist.

Don’t pretend you don’t believe! Everyone has a ghost story. Everyone can share a spooky event, experiences déjà vu, or remembers having a creepy feeling.

Is it our sixth sense? Our empathic skills? The other world breaking into our own?

We love the unknown—and listing all of the novels, books, TV shows, films, documentaries, and YouTube clips about this other world  would result in a blog 1000 pages long!

sumer 2Here’s a few loaded concepts!

  •  Faith: Religion.Mysticism. Spirituality
  •  Existentialism: Existence precedes essence (????)
  • Transcendentalism: The power of thought
  •  Metaphysics: Study of being and the world
  •  Nihilism: Belief that Reality does not exist

Brain hurt yet? Of course it does! Try as we might, we cannot comprehend our own world, let alone some other world.


Science is discovering amazing things about Dark Matter.This Dark Energy is responsible for to all kinds of cosmic and (as yet) explainable events.

Will science soon validate our most beloved myths?

spooky stuff

spooky stuff

And might this Dark Matter shed light on myths that stretch back thousands of years? It makes one wonder: Why does every culture and religion contain so much otherness.

It must be real. But where do we draw the line between cherished belief and fantastic myth?

We are quick to scoff at unrealistic mythological creatures like unicorns, dragons, werewolves, zombies, or vampires!

We do believe in angels ( especially guardian angels), demons, and ghosts!

angelAngles are sacred in judeo-christian culture!

For example: St. Ambrose lists 9 different classification of angels:

  • 1. Seraphim: Of the highest order, they are nearest God’s throne and there’s 4 of them.
  • 2. Cherubim: Large, winged creatures that are described many diffent ways.
  • 3. Dominions: They manage the other angels’ duties
  • 4. Thrones: They have lots of eyes. (Not much info on this classification)
  • 5. Principalities: Usually the protectors of religions
  • 6. Powers: Guards who stop the demons from taking over
  • 7. Virtues: The miracle workers
  • 8. Archangels: Above the regular angels. The 2 major players are Michael and Gabriel
  • 9. Angels (standard issue): Messengers

Our universe is infinite and unknowable—it’s no wonder we are amazed by the supernatural and paranormal.

I would love for you to share your supernatural story!

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Chakra Chat

Chakras part 1

Chakras part 1

Chakra means wheel of light and refers to the energy that all life possesses and resonates.

The body has 7 distinct energy sources that reveal and control the emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental health.  Belief in these subtle forces originated thousands of years ago and are found in ancient Vedic texts ( Indian Sanskrit ). Whether you’re a skeptic or not, one thing is certain, science validates the existence of energy in all things. 

There are 7 chakra locations on our body: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, and crown. Each is responsible for a different energy and is linked with a specific music, shape, age,, element, gland, sense, crystal, plant, life issue, astrological sign, and angel.

For the chakra newbie, here’s a quick overview.

  • Muladhara: root chakra
    Location: Base of spine. Matures at age 7.
  • Concerned with integrity, ancestral attitudes, personal hardships, and family history.
  • A healthy root chakra is flexible, adaptable, focused, patient, and giving. It’s also the fight or flight energy. 
  • The positive archetype is the  Earth mother. The negative archetype is the victim.
  • Associated elements are: sage, musical note C, sense of smell, red, cinnamon oil, lead, ruby and hematite, percussion rhythms, and the Archangel Michael.
  • The positive archetype is the Mother, the negative archetype is the victim.


Svadhisthana:  sacral chakra
  • Location: Two inches below the naval and inside the pelvis. Matures by age 14.
  • Controls health. Responsible for controlling our sex drive, appetite, and need for giving and/or receiving  pleasure.
  • Requires food, sex, work, fun, and exercise.
  • Functions well if person believes they deserve good things in life.
  • Associated with musical note D, water, Latin dance, tiger’s eye and onyx, tin, color orange, jasmine,  yoga, and the archangel Metatron.
  • Positive archetype is the Emperor/Empress and the negative archetype is the  Martyr.

Manipura: solar plexus chakra

  • Location: Below sternum and over stomach. Matures between ages 12- 21.
  • Responsible for gut instinct and personal power. 
  • Concerned with finances, relationships, career, responsibility, and personal identity. Grows strong and resilient with challenges.
  • Associated with: musical note E, yellow, topaz and citrine, gold, competitive sports, and  carnation. 
  • The positive archetype is the warrior; the negative, the servant.


Anahata: heart chakra

  • Location: Middle of the chest. Matures between ages 28-35.
  • Responsible for creating loving and mature bonds.
  • Concerted with Peace, Love,Unity, and Joy. Requires sharing, touching, and establishing or maintaining personal connections.
  • Healthy when you are kind, accepting, and inclusive. Weak if you are withholding, judgmental, critical, and superficial.
  • Distress, pain, and loss cause the energy field to contract.
  • Aspects are: choir music, air, Venus, sun, gold, copper, peridot, diamond, deer, yoga, massage, and the archangel Raphael.

Vishuddha: throat chakra

  • Location: The throat. Matures between ages 35-40.
  •  Conduit to a higher spiritual realm, aka “The Mouth of God.”
  • Set free when you speak with integrity, humility,inspiration, and truth.
  • Weakened by unvoiced emotions ( fear, anger, and gossip), smoking, poor health, alcohol, and drugs.
  •  Associated with: musical note G, opera, hearing, aquamarine, turquoise, sparrow hawk, gardenia, chanting, fasting, and the archangel Gabriel.

Ajna: brow chakra

  • You’re familiar with this one–it’s the 3rd eye!  Location: Between the brows. Matures in  mid 30’s.
  • Responsible for spirituality, right thinking, discernment, maturity, analysis, andwisdom.
  • Helps the emotional, intuitive, and creative brain realize harmony.
  • Creates our reality—good or bad–and has the power to create misery or happiness.
  • Associated with: 5 point star, silver, Peru, sapphire, tanzanite, lapis lazuli, sweet pea, heliotrope, Mozart sonatas, musical note A, indigo, and the feminine face of God.
  • Positive archetypes include, Elders, philosophers,and wise ones.
  • Negative  archetypes include pedantic pedagogues and narrow-minded intellectuals.

Sahasrara: crown chakra

  • Location: Top of head. Matures during mid 40’s and later.
  • Responsible for spirituality, wisdom, discernment.
  • Concerned with personal and worldly insights. Embraced and cultivated by mystics and healers.
  • Requires rest, calm, balance, and inner peace to operate at full capacity. (I’m thinking this is only possible if teens have left the home).
  • Associated with: color violet, musical note B, alexandrite, amethyst, Indian raga, platinum, lotus flower,lavender oil, meditation, and prayer.
  • The Guru is the positive archetype, the Egoist, the negative.
















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Sacred Geometry

merkabahWhat’s a Merkabah? And how the heck do you pronounce it?

The word is pronounced with equal emphasis on each syllable:  Mer-kah-bah

This ancient geometry originated over 3 thousand years ago! Some believe the shape has Egyptian origins. The symbol is shrouded in mystery and attributed with supernatural (even divine) power.

The 3-D hexagon star is believed to have mystical powers that allow one to enter enlightenment, zen, achieve spiritual and/or physical ascension, or even experience cosmic transport!

In the Old Testament, Ezekiel claims he saw an actual merkabah in the heavens. The Merkabah is thought to encourage both transcendent and physical travel. Additional details about its mysteries and history are explained in The Merkabah Recruit.

A merkabah resembles a 3D star of David, but it’s often portrayed with  one or two spheres enclosing it.

One thing is certain, the enigmatic merkabah continues to be attributed with powerful elemental, cosmic, and divine forces. Maybe one day its true power will be revealed!


The Supernatural

spooky stuff

spooky stuff

Supernatural, unearthly, alien, unworldly, mystical, the shadow world, the netherworld—call it what you will, we all believe in the existence of some other place—a location where other things outside our understanding exist.

Don’t pretend you don’t believe. Everyone has a ghost story. Everyone can share a spooky event, experiences déjà vu, or remembers having a creepy feeling.

Is it our sixth sense? Our empathic skills? The other world breaking into our own?

We love the unknown—and if  I listed all of the novels, books, TV shows, films, documentaries, and YouTube clips about this other world this blog would be 1000 pages long!

Here’s a few loaded concepts!

  •  Faith. Religion.Mysticism. Spirituality
  •  Existentialism- existence precedes essence (????)
  • Transcendentalism -power of thought
  •  Metaphysics- study of being and the world
  •  Nihilism-reality does not exist

Brain hurt yet? Of course it does! Try as we might, we cannot comprehend our own world, let alone some other world.Now science is making some amazing discoveries about Dark Matter.They attribute this dark energy to all kinds of cosmic and (as yet) explainable events.

Will science soon be able to validate our most beloved myths?

And might this Dark Matter explain myths that stretch back thousands of years? It makessumer 2 one wonder, why does every culture and religions contain so much otherness. It must be real. But where do we draw the line between cherished belief and fantastic myth? 

We scoff at unrealistic mythological creatures like unicorns, dragons, werewolfs, zombies, or vampires, but we do believe in angels ( especially guardian angels), demons, and ghosts!

Angles are sacred in our judeo-christian culture!

For example: St. Ambrose lists 9 different classification for angels:

Jacob wrestling with the angel Metatron

  • 1. Seraphim– highest order, near God’s throne, there’s 4 of them
  • 2.Cheribum-large, winged creatures, many different descriptions
  • 3. Dominations-manage the other angels’ duties
  • 4. Thrones-they have lots of eyes
  • 5. Principalities– usually the protectors of religions
  • 6. Powers-guards who stop the demons from taking over
  • 7. Virtues-the miracle workers
  • 8. Archangels-above the regular angels. Two major players are Michael and Gabriel
  • 9. Angels (standard issue)- messengers

Our universe is infinite and unknowable—it’s no wonder we are amazed by the supernatural and paranormal.

I would love for you to share your supernatural story!

At a time when recent theories like Quantum physics confirms the existence of the fantastical,  The Merkabah Recruit and The Merkabah Deception explore the shadowy line  between treasured legend and scientific possibility–a series where myth, history, and science collide.

The Merkabah Recruit Amazon link                          The Merkabah Deception  Amazon link

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Novel Wednesday: What do ghosts & dark matter have in common?

Got ghosts?  Do you believe in ghosts? Ever seen one? Ever feel the sudden chill—get the distinct impression some otherworldly entity is standing beside you? (no, not your teenager)

Admit it! Forces from the “other side” and the spirit realm intrigue and mystify! Why else would there be so many mediums (Ouija boards), novels, books ( hello, Sylvia Brown) TV shows, documentaries, and movies about spirits from the netherworld.

How does this connect to dark matter? Did you know that  84% of the matter in the world is comprised of dark matter! It’s a little-understood energy force that explains phenomena like migratory behavior in the animal kingdom, cosmic events (black holes), and unexplained anomalies in the world—perhaps, even ghosts and spirits.

I purchased the 99 cent Ghost Radar app for my phone. Talk about scary!  My kids won’t let me use it in the house anymore. They didn’t see the “fun” in this entertaining app.

On a recent trip to Hearst Castle, the ghost radar went crazy in the famous pool room. I never saw so many yellow, green, and red lights on the screen before. Say what you will—that ghost app was reading something!  But what?

Info about the Ghost Radar app claims it reads electromagnetic fields and various vibrations. Of course, that would require more sophisticated technological upgrades than possible in your lil’ ol’ phone. But if you read the testimonials—very freaky.

A red dot indicates a spirit was next to me–yesterday afternoon!

A word of caution: Don’t use your ghost app when you’re in an “official” haunted house.

Quick story: The first bona fide ghostly presence I really truly felt—frigid air, icy pins & needles—was at my brother’s home in Salt Lake City, Utah. Little did he know, he rented a house where an elderly woman was beaten, raped, and killed few years prior. Now, my bother’s a macho dude and not likely to believe in ghosts—but he swore he felt a presence not soon after moving in. His 2 large hunting dogs were spooked, too—and you know dogs just sense these things! ( dark matter, perhaps?)

My brother asked me to use the ghost app in his house. I’ll skip the creepy details ( save that story for another blog)—but let’s just say, I hightailed it on out of there as soon as possible. Even he was a bit shook up—in an alpha-male kinda way.

My husband swears there’s a ghost in our house. I agree; I think the phantom’s a relative of mine. The spirit taps him awake when he falls asleep on the couch and lets the dog out of her kennel (no way the little pooch can lift a latch).

What’s on your ghost radar? And what is the app really reading?

What’s the dark matter connection to my novel? The mysteries of dark matter are explored in The Merkabah Recruit, where myth, history, and science collide!

Just 2 of the articles used while doing research for The Merkabah Recruit


Novel Wednesday

Myth and history collide  in my novel, The Merkabah Recruit. Often times, they are rooted and merged so deeply in ancient history and culture we can’t figure where one ends and the other begins. Add modern science to the mix and those fantastical myths are now explainable!

I’m not pushing my novel today, but just want to remind you how deeply ingrained our earliest mythology  is.

 What’s your favorite mythological creatures? Don’t know any? Sure, you do!

Here is one of my favorites.

The Harpy! Hailing back to ancient Greece, these creatures were a fusion of bird and woman—portrayed either as ugly or beautiful.

They were ravenously hungry (aren’t all women on diets?) and stole food before  fouling the area with their excrement (really hope that’s some kind of Greek metaphor).

To call a woman a “harpy” today is a total slam! Instantly a nagging, scolding, annoying ugly woman comes to mind!

I took a poll of under-thirty somethings–to my surprise they all knew what a harpy was–although they claimed they hated Greek mythology in high school and–even more surprising–laughed or snickered  when they heard the word used to describe a woman.

Which is the worse insult? Biddy or harpy?


What are chakras?

These are the  energy fields in your body. They control and reveal our emotional, spiritual, physical or mental health.  There are 7 chakra locations: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, and crown. Each is responsible for a different energy and are linked with a specific music, shape, age or maturity, element, gland, sense, crystal, plant, life issue, astrological sign, and particular angel!The Merkabah Recruit : where history, mythology, & science collide.

What’s a Merkabah? Most frequently asked question

What’s a Merkabah?Pronounced with equal emphasis on each syllable:  Mer-kah-bah
An  ancient geometry that has been around for 3 thousand years,this hexagon star is is believed to have mystical powers, allowing one to enter enlightenment, zen, or achieve a spiritual and or physical ascension or cosmic travel. Resembling a 3D star of David but also portrayed with  one or two circles enclosing it, the word and shape have Egyptian origins.

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