tips for living with a writer“What’s this week’s blog about?” Hubby leans over my shoulder to look at the computer screen.
“I got nothin’,” I say.
“How about Tips for Living With A Writer?”

“Am I that difficult to live with?”
“Um….” Hubby looks away.
“I’m listening.”

1. “Run while you can! But if you love them too much to do that..”.

2. “Grow Big Ears for listening, whether it’s about plot, characters, computer issues, or the publishing business.”

3. “Get into your significant other’s story. Be all in. You’ll be hearing about this story and the characters for many months so you might as well embrace it with the same passion they do.”

4. “Be willing to act out scenes or physical actions. Remember when you tried out that choke hold on me?”

5. “Offer honest constructive criticism. Hope the love you share is strong enough to weather the fall out. Better I point out a flaw or problem than someone else.”

6. “Be willing to read novels in their genre, that way the honest criticism is valid.”

7. “Grow thick skin. Be prepared for the response,  ‘that’s stupid, I can’t write that!’ or ‘you can’t do that with first person POV!’ when you offer an opinion.”

8. “Learn to become an escape artist. I disappear when you need time alone.”

9. “Have a ready shoulder. Creative people go through sh** we uncreative types can’t begin to understand.”

10. “Be willing to make Starbucks runs.”

11. “Be their champion.”

Thanks for the blog post, hon. Now about that Starbucks run…

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