shades of writerWriters are never content with the mundane or pedestrian way of saying something. And neither do the words author or writer convey the joys and tortures of years spent slaving over manuscripts.

Here’s a few colorful monikers I’ve come across while scouring the internet.

  • diction demon—sounds perfect for the horror or urban fantasy/paranormal writer
  • dreamer—is the writer actually doing any writing?
  • fictionista—chick llt, anyone?
  • hack—reminds me of a guy I met who said he was a ‘used car salesman.’ Turns out he owned the biggest car dealership in the county.
  • mystery maven—channeling Agatha Christie
  • novelist—succinct and specific
  • plotter—maybe because the word sounds like plodder, I imagine a writer slooowly making his way through his work in progress
  • plot pundit—an expert at plotting or merely someone who enjoys discussing his opinion about plotting in public forums?
  • prose poser—a funny understatement or a writer trying to emulate a master of prose.
  • scribbler—either an understatement or the description of a writer who actually writes in longhand.
  • sentence slinger—I think Louis L’Amour and hear music from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.
  • story spinner—many things come to mind with the word spin. Medieval times, Rumpelstiltskin, craziness, political spin doctors, and, of course, Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo.
  • storyteller—a down-to-earth, stories-for-the-everyman no-ego writer
  • wordsmith—visions of a writer hammering, firing, crafting, and forging a sentence for maximum efficiency and beauty come to mind
  • word weaver—pastoral with a touch of ‘artisan-crafted’
  • word wrangler—sounds dangerous

A few words about the word aspiring. An aspiring author is one who aspires to be published. An aspiring writer is one who aspires to write. There’s a difference.

Sooooo, what is the best word to put on your social media bio? Hell if I know!

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