The Artistic Writer

One picture says a 1000 words. A luxury writers do not have. However writers have been known to get an idea to two from gazing at works of art. So in a silly effort to merge the two here are eleven famous paintings that describe the writing life.

First day last day



writing a query

writers conf


First drafts be like

rewriting a sentence.


slaying adverbs

Wrestling with 3rd draft



author platform

agent rejections

 On a more serious note, I flip though my art books or browse the web for:
  • a character’s facial features
  • a character’s body type
  • body postures, especially as it conveys mood
  • clothing styles, patterns, fabrics, especially historical garments
  • food from a particular historical period
  • architecture, houses, and furnishings from a particular historical period
  • historical detail or information ( if painting is accurate or painted in the same century)
  • colors that evoke a particular mood
  • landscape and the colors used to evoke mood

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6 thoughts on “The Artistic Writer

  1. Candy

    Loved this post!
    I’m on page 300 of the first draft of a new mystery. I know there’s only a few pages to go, but it’s like running up a huge staircase and… and what’s next?

    1. lzadmin Post author

      Why the 2nd draft is at the top of the staircase! Good luck on the next few drafts. But doesn’t feel great to be ( almost ) done with the first draft? It’s aways a big ‘whew’ for me!


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