Spooks, goblins, and demons!  Every culture has them! Creepy and suspicious how the myths of so many counties and cultures are so very similar.

Creatures from the Shadow World, Sacred Avatars, Nature Spirits, Hybrid Monsters…they’re out there.

Since THE MERKABAH DECEPTION-the 2nd in the Merkabah Series, the  continued adventures of the empathic professor who solves paranormal crimes for a mystical organization— takes place in Ecuador,  I thought it fitting to provide a small sampling of  South American mythological creatures.

Azeman: (South American vampire)
  • A female who dons an animal skin at night and sucks blood from the big toes of its victims ( creepy foot fetish, don’t you think?)
  • The creature is responsible for spreading disease.
  • Similar to other vampire myths, the Azeman turns to ash if caught outside when the sun rises.
  • To keep the she-demon away from your house, lay a broom across the doorway–she  will become so engrossed with counting the bristles that little notice will be taken of the deadly rising sun.


Bakru: (evil fairy or evil familiar)
  • A tiny creature created from wood pulp and flesh and controlled by witches.
  • Their  appearance resembles that of  children.
  • They always work in pairs, enjoy loud music and shiny things.
  • They are familiars– demonic supernatural entities used to serve the evil witches who created them

duendeEl duende(goblin or brownie)

  • These mischievous little gnomes inhabit the walls of  human homes. The naughty goblins like to dash about, scaring folks half to death, and playing mean-jokes
  • Parents tell their naughty children to behave or el duende will steal their soul.
  • One of the most feared sexual predators in the land, they lure unsuspecting humans to their death with their beauty, voice, and sexual skills.
  • But before killing them, they drive their victim  insane, enchanting them with their seductive ways.
  • They live in a secret place in the Amazon, morphing from the Amazon river dolphin into a human to do evil.
Pishtaco ( Bogey man)
  • A legend from the High Andes, this scary pale monster-man hybrid stalks folks walking late at night on deserted roads ( isn’t that always the way).
  • He commits unspeakable acts of horror upon his victims, devours them, and harvests their fat.
  • He sells the fat to people as fried chicharrones


El Mono (  Bigfoot )
  • Aka marimondas or maribundas, or el Mono Grande
  • The hirsute beast attacks and eats humans, but likes to carry off the bonita senoritas (pretty ladies) to his secret lair for some monkey time.
  • Sightings have been reported in Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.
  • This dwarfish creature live in the craggy rocks of the Andes.
  • Folks swear the creature possesess human facial features, pale skin, and blue eyes.
  • Their feet are backwards ( forget about following them)
  • They  attack women
  • Not surprisingly, the lil’ creature appeared about the same time as the Spanish conquistadors–perhaps as a way for the native woman to explain a light-haired, blue-eyed, fair skinned child from a lusty conquistador.
A few others:
  • Werejaguar: Obvious, right..and ever so much sexier than a werewolf
  •  Lajabless: A  demonic being who appears as an attractive and volumptous women, but has talons as feet
  • Yurupari: A race of Ogres


  • Myth, history, and science collide when an empathic professor is recruited by a paranormal organization.
    Distraught by the frequent psychotic episodes and convulsions spreading through the student body, the owner of a prestigious prep school in Ecuador seeks help from an occult society. Summoned by a mystical society known as The Watchers, Daphne Sites must determine if the mass hysteria has unearthly origins. She’s a bit anxious—this is only her second assignment.
     Daphne soon discovers she’s in way over her head after a terrifying encounter with one of the affected students. And attacks by thugs and nonhuman enemies don’t bolster her courage or confidence either!
    The search for answers sends Daphne and Serik to the Amazon jungle, Ecuador’s majestic cathedrals, a creepy hacienda, and a ghoul-infested catacomb. Discerning the truth from the lies is critical if Daphne hopes to stop the evil from its release into the world.
  • For an 8-chapter sneak peak of THE MERKABAH RECRUIT, the 1st in the series click HERE.
    To purchase on Amazon: click HERE.

    For a sneak peak of THE MERKABAH DECEPTION,  the 2nd in the series, click HERE.

    The Merkabah Deception

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