angels 9Angel: from the Greek angelos, which means messanger

Fun facts:

The Book of Enoch says angels were men, since they fell in-love with the “daughters of men.” (Together they produced angel half breeds, known as nephilim)

When Mohammed was transported to Heaven, he saw an angel with 70,000 heads, each head having 70,000 faces, each face having 70,000 mouths, each mouth having 70,000 tongues, each tongue speaking 70,000 languages. And they were all praising God.  OK–let’s do the math, that’s 31,000 trillion languages and 5 billion mouths!

Some believe angels are ageless and gender

angels 8There are angels for just about every occasion. The following is a small sampling.

  • Angels of Dreams
  • Angel over Birds
  • Angel of the Bottomless Pit
  • Angel of creation
  • Angels of Cold
  • Angel of Chaos
  • Angel of calculations
  • Angel of Deserts
  • Angel of dust
  • Angel of Forgetfulness
  • Angel of Food
  • Angel of earthquakes
  • Angel of Herbs
  • Angel of Fruit
  • Angel of Patience
  • Angel of Poetry
  • Angel of Song
  • Angel of sleep

well…you get the picture…

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Hope you had fun discovering the world of angels!

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