writing whinesDid a bit of wine tasting this weekend, which is always a fun way to unwind from the work week. While driving home  the next day, I was reminded of another kind of whine—WHINING.  Yup, writers love to  whine with their wine. And, naturally, writers have lots to whine about!

What’s your favorite writing whine?

1.   lack of writing time
2.   missing muse
3.   technology troubles
4.   platform or brand building
5.   lack of blogging topics
6.   social media snafus
7.   plot problems
8.   web wandering
9.   finding great beta readers
10. finding effective critique groups
11. Troll-like reviewers
12. self-publishing headaches liked cover art, editing, coding, and technology issues
13. self-publishing scams
14. FaceBook face-offs  ( do not engage )
15. crafting a query
16. writing a summary
17. agent quest
18. coping with rejection
19. expense to attend writers conference
20. the cost of having your book professionally critiqued and/or edited
21. Trolls—from the G to the X-rated
22. book sales—or rather  the lack thereof
23. Amazon algorithms
24. the magical mysterious world of publishing


Yup, writers have lots of whine about. But before you uncork a bottle of Whine  and indulge in the sour grapes of wrath remember how very fortunate you are to have found your passion in life! Most people never do! How lucky are we writers who are happiest just writing—time flying by while we are engaged in an enterprise filling us with contentment and joy and accomplishment.

Don’t let whining prevent you from enjoying, learning, and continuing your passion in life! Hurdles make us stronger, rejection makes us more courageous, and writing woes makes us more determined.

Did I leave out your favorite writing whine?

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