Purrrfect Writing TipsWriters are quite cat-like. We can be stealthy, live far more than 9 lives thanks to our characters, pounce on delicious plots, cough up balls of plot flaws, and hiss at those critiquing our writing.

In an effort not to be catty, this kitty is offering some tips for all the other writing cats currently scratching their claws on the writing post.

  • Catalog plot ideas, character sketches, research, and queries or you’ll find yourself in a litter box of disorganization.
  • Categorize your characters. Do they all reflect different personality types? ( Think of the 4 classic temperaments in Seinfeld )  Does your MC need a foil ( a character who contrasts the MC)?
  • Find cathartic ways to manage the strong emotions evinced by the writing process or you’ll likely become feral.
  • A catnap is great for working through a scene or stimulating creative juices.
  • Keep in mind a possible catchphrase. Maybe a remark a character repeatedly makes or line for your elevator pitch.
  • Embrace the cataract  of creative ideas when they flow. Be discriminating but not too finicky.
  • Retreating into the catacombs of your soul is often necessary for those emotionally-fussy scenes.
  • Curl up and read  read read, you never know what will inspire and serve as a catalyst for your writing.
  • Don’t be a catfish ( pretending to be somebody you’re not) on social media, or you’ll end up getting spayed.
  • Don’t get into a catfight on social media.Retract those claws and back away from a rabid tabby.
  • Treat your social media posts like a catwalk. Strut your best stuff and work your breed…er, genre.
  • Replace your fragile ego strings with catgut. Rejection is the norm in this biz.
  • New writers are caterpillars. You need a while to grow in your writing cocoon before emerging into a beautiful author butterfly.
  • Do your caterwauling in private. Don’t show your fangs. You never know when a Tomcat might be stalking your platform.
  • Writing ought to be your catnip. Be playful!


A big thanks to my neighbor for allowing me to post her photo of Roxy.

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