I have a 53 mile round trip commute. Freeway construction really slows me down—often taking me more than an hour to get home. So what’s a writer to do while waiting in stopped traffic? Why imagine how construction signs mirror the writing process, of course!

Road work ahead

The perfect signage for the first page, the first blog, the first website, the first tweet. There are months and months ( and years ) of plotting and drafting  and rewriting and editing  to come. Sounds daunting but the work is part of the process.

one lane road

Unless you’re part of writing duo or team, this sign applies to most writers. It’s all you you you. Your effort. Your time. Your imagination. Your grit. Your tenacity.

hard hat area

Writers need to prepare for falling debris. Their world is fraught with danger. Our own fears and anxieties, dismissive friends, lack of time management, errands, careers, family, and a myriad of setbacks will consume our days. Writers must take a hard look at their dream and prepare. Wearing your hard hat should help see you safety through the construction process.

please excuse our appearanceYoga pants, t-shirt, hair gathered in a pony tail, face free of make-up ( for the gals ), scruffy face ( for the guys ); the writer’s uniform stays on unless they must emerge from their writing cave. And even then….


Ack! There’s a glitch in the plot. That character isn’t convincing! This dialog is blah! Constructing a novel is a bumpy ride and part of the fun!


Pay heed to those in the know. Listen to their advice. Running over the flagman might land you in a novel ditch.


Ideal signage for editing. Zipping through a draft doesn’t allow for a thoughtful and critical examination of diction, syntax, and grammar.


You know what causes detours! Tweeting, facebooking, web browsing, computer issues, lost data….or ack! plotting snafus! Detours are frustrating and take time to correct. Take a deep breath.

exit closed

Noooo…not that! I need to go that way! What exits are closed to you? See a closed exit as an opportunity for redirection, for a scenic route, for a different way to achieve your goal.

end road work

Whoot whoot! Your drafts are done! It’s time to send it to a beta reader, agent, or editor! Happy dance. Until another idea for a book sends you back to the beginning!

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