Writer’s Grimoire page 2

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Spell for Increasing Word Count! 

Don’t ask where I found this manuscript! I won’t tell you ( the repercussions and all that, you know ). But I will share the Writer’s Grimoire–hey, we writers need all the help we can get! A little magic or spirituality never hurt anyone either. In fact, any author or wanna-be author will tell you the very act of creating is magical!

grimoire increase word count

Disclaimer: L.Z.Marie assumes no responsibility for the failure or success of increasing word count, nor side effects caused by misusing spells or incantations.

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2 thoughts on “Writer’s Grimoire page 2

    1. lzadmin Post author

      You are right–We all believe there is magic in both creating AND reading! This is the first of the Writers Grimoire series. (I’ve done lots of research on magic & mysticism for many of my novels so it was a fun way to integrate what I learned in a blog post! )


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