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Experienced Mom lesson #1

Baby. Toddler. Pre-schooler. Elementary  Pre-teen. Teen. Adult. Older Adult.
Ah, those were the days! Mom-solvable problems.

Ah, those were the days! Mom-solvable problems.

It doesn’t matter their age, each stage comes with its own set of unique problems, frustrations, and joys.

Last week during lunch break, a fellow teacher asked, “When does raising kids get easier?”

I had a choice. Lie. Or set her straight. A lie would make her feel better. The cold hard truth would be most upsetting.

I felt like a little drama that day.

“It doesn’t! It gets worse!” I had a big smile plastered on my face–part sympathy, part pity, part smug know-it-all.

“Worse? How can that be? I’ve been up all night with a sick kid, changing diapers, and cleaning vomit from the bedding and carpet!”

My grandfather used to say this: Little children, little problems. Big children, big problems.

I & AI didn’t know what he meant back then, but I do now. First hand experience! It’s a doozy!

(And when I call my mom to b**** about something, I remember that her kid problems haven’t ended either. My pain is her pain.)

Mom has her own saying: A mother is only as happy as her most miserable child.

Depressing, isn’t it?  But I didn’t go into that during our lunch hour– I mean, the woman had to teach for three more hours–so I couldn’t totally crush her spirit.

So instead, I gave her Experienced Mom lesson #1.

“It gets more difficult. The problems  and worries and aggravations change. There will be be boo-boos you can’t kiss to make feel better.Homework you aren’t able to help them with. Friends who are unknown to you. Failures you must let them experience on their own.

And sleeping through the night? Talk to any parent of a teenager and ask them how well they sleep knowing their teenager is driving a metallic death machine. Teen problems are extra angst-filled because there’s precious little a parent can do to change their child’s behavior. Time Outs don’t work. Teens like them! Cuz they don’t like us much anyway during those years. (And that’s putting it mildly.)

  • Teens are Masters of Hyperbole: “Everyone is going to the dance.” “The teacher hates me.” “I’ll die without my phone.”
  • Experts at Subterfuge. Classy to trashy attire switcheroos at a friend’s house. Secret trips to get a belly button piercing.
  • Excellent Liars: “I don’t have any homework.” “I was only holding the joint for a friend.” “Sex? No way.” “I swear I turned the essay in.” “Yes, I am enrolled full-time.” “They haven’t posted the grades yet.”
  • Specialists at Passive/Aggressive behavior: For example, there is no way a parent can make a child do homework or pay attention in class.

samYou don’t stop being a parent when your child is an adult either. There are still late night  interruptions and last minute surprises. Plans cut short because some kid needs you NOW.

No, rearing children doesn’t get any easier. Sorry.”

“But…but… something…something must get better…Something?”  my friend asked, horrified by my words.

“The frustrations get worse. But the joys become greater. That’s the good part.”

There’s a reason why parents cry at their children’s graduation, wedding, or birth of the first grandchild. There’s a lifetime of memories attached to those tears.

Bad. Sad. Good. Happy.

“I wouldn’t trade all those memories for anything!”


Juror #1000

images (1)Summoned to jury duty the other day with about 60 other civic minded citizens.
Made it all the way to the courtroom where I learned the case would take 3 weeks!
3 weeks?

I was hoping for a quickie! A week would be fine. Fodder for future blogs. A chance to observe the case through a fiction writer’s lens.

But 3 weeks???

I have a job! A job that requires my being present.
Much as I would enjoy hearing an interesting case, I’m pretty certain that unless Cousin Vinny was one of the attorneys I would probably make a bad juror.


Here’s why:
  • I tend to roll my eyes
  • I’ve been told I’m an elitist 
  • I get bored easily
  • I’m impatient
  • I “get it” the first time
  • I see through manipulative rhetoric or gratuitous pandering
  • I have a low tolerance for mindless stupidity
  • I would probably browbeat the other jurors 
  • My vivid imagination would have me inventing all manner of wild scenarios concerning said crime
  • I’m too antsy to sit in a chair all day (unless I’m writing)
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom
  • need to sip Starbucks mocha in order to cogitate (see above)
  • loud stomach grumbling would distract attorneys and witnesses
  • I might judge people on their choice of footwear
  • My existentialistic leanings might leak out
  • cellphone withdrawals may disturb other jurors
All joking aside, I was let go. Probably a good thing!

Here’s the trailer from 12 Angry Men. Notice they’re all donning a shirt and tie–which I didn’t see any of the prospective jurors wearing. I wonder the outcome if the movie/play had been titled 12 Pissed Off Women?


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Diet Diatribe

securedownload (2)
Eat This, Not That!
Work it out! Lose the fat!
Cabbage for seven days
Slimfast shakes were once the craze
eat for your blood type, eat until you’re full
all these diets are just a load of bull!


Skinny girl diet, nibble and pick
what women won’t do to resemble a stick!
B-shots and books and advice and pills,
aren’t we tired yet of the diet mill?
Thighmaster, treadmills, body vibration machine
just so we can fit into some skinny a** jeans!
Calorie counting, sugar-be-gone
sweetening substitutes are also proved wrong.


Veggies and fruit and nuts and legumes
pasta and protein, I think we’re all doomed!
Just imagine, if you will, a day where we might
eat ANYTHING, ANYTHING and it would be alright!
What if I ate exactly what I craved?
would I soon become diet depraved?


Most  paintings of normal-shaped women are nude!

Most paintings of normal-shaped women are nude!

French fries and cheesepuffs and burgers galore
milkshakes, mac ‘n cheese, fried chicken and more!
How fast would those pounds materialize?
Would I blimp up before my very eyes?
Not worth the risk
cuz it’s too hard to fix.
So I’ll keep on trying
with my everlasting dieting.


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Big Game Apathy

Not watching the Big Game
not gorging on chips
have no favorite to claim
don’t know a fumble from a clip.


Didn’t put money on squares
didn’t join a pool
can’t tell a Seahawk from a Bronco
don’t know any NFL rules.


Not gonna devour a bowl of chili
nor drink me bottles of Coors
not gonna get drunk and silly
just gonna finish some chores.


Have no desire to stare at the flat screen
shouting at players and referees
or to  leap from the sofa actin’ steamed
cuz some player went down on his knees.


Maybe one day,
I’ll join the football fray
but unless your team’s winning
you just ain’t really grinning.


A few funny million dollar ads
promoting products good or bad.
and halftime shows
that can really blow.


Football! Football! Football!
I think I’ll pass this year
cuz from far away I’ll hear the call
of that touchdown cheer!


So before Hubby goes to his big Superbowl bash
I tell him I hope he’ll finally win some sweet Superbowl cash!

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Wanted: Food Fairy

No joke! My daughter sent this text early in the  morning--she had no idea what today's post is about!

No joke! My daughter sent this text early in the morning–she had no idea what today’s post is about!

“Send somebody else to the grocery store!” my daughter suggests after I complain about my almost daily trips to the market–for food I don’t eat.

Seems every one in the house has 1) a car and 2) an appetite, 3) two hands, 4) 2 feet, 5) a brain, but everyone  expects  the fridge and pantry to magically fill itself–as if there’s some kind of Food Fairy.

I‘ve tried sending kiddos and Hubby to the grocery store–even gave them my pack of super saver cards and the magic plastic money card, but it never works out well.

I guess after all these years, I’m just tired of figuring out what everybody wants to eat. Oh, the basics are easy. Cheddar goldfish for daughter, cans of chili for son, but those won’t actually feed a family for a week.

Seems there’s several types of grocery items:
1.specific ingredients for meals
2. snacks
3. non food items

Once in a while, I tell kiddos and Hubby to “get food.”  I know, I know…vague.  I don’t even give them a list I just say, “figure it out.”  I mean  it’s not like they have to go into the forest to forage for berries or hunt for meat, so I don’t understand the groans.

“But what should I get?”  they ask, befuddled by my request.

I mean, they’ve only eaten like….everyday of their life!  “I don’t know.You decide.”  This grocery shopping will require higher level  thinking on their part, something they only do at work or school.

“Mom’s in one of her moods,” they mumble under their breath as they trudge out of the house.

  • Hubby’s haul:  meat, meat, meat, lettuce,and more meat
  • Daughter’s finds: make-up remover, mascara, Cheddar goldfish, candy, pretzels, face wash, ice cream, soy milk, Nutella
  • Son’s spoils: chocolate donuts, hot pockets, chips, cans of chili, frozen taquitos, razors
  • Grandmom’s loot (when she visits): triple cream brie, smoked salmon, capers, olives, vodka, diet club soda, gourmet crackers, wine ( actually she’s great at getting  the ingredients for an entire meal)

Several food groups are missing. Vegetables being the biggie.

Maybe they need more practice.

I might post this ad on Craig’s List, because you can get ANYTHING on that website.

WANTED: Food Fairy for hungry, snack-happy, unpredictable, impulsive, capricious  family who has many dietary needs.

 Food Fairy duties:
  • predicts what everyone will crave for the next 5 days
  • knows what food I’m running low on and which vegetables are rotting in the veggie bin
  • anticipates what I will have time or motivation to prepare
  • puts all the groceries away where they belong
  • throws out unidentifiable leftovers and wilted veggies

I can dream can’t I?

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The Perfect School Bag

If you could design the perfect tote to carry all your work/school/gym/office stuff what features would it have?

Wish I could find the perfect tote bag for hauling around all my teacher essentials. I’ve only been looking for the perfect bag forever ( a tiny exaggeration). Like the perfect purse, I wrote about in an earlier blog,( Surviving my Purse)  the perfect tote doesn’t seem to exist. Oh sure, there are a plethora of totes, carry-alls, back packs, duffles, briefcases, and school bags available at Macys, Target, Office Max, etc, but none seem designed for the fussy selective high school teacher.

Here’s a few of my basic needs:

  • Must stand up on its own. I have lots of meetings to attend and a floppy bag is just so…floppy. ( Bags that stand on their own are easier to rifle through)
  • Must have a shoulder strap or cross-over length strap. This will be be good for hauling stuff long distances–like from one end of campus to the other.
  • Must have room enough for iPad, a few books, lunch, pair of flats, and a stack of essays.
  • Must have multiple outside pockets for holding: 1) my morning Starbucks,  2) classroom keys/campus ID,  3) cell phone, 4) random papers picked up at teacher mailbox
  • Must also have multiple inside pockets for: 1) the dreaded red pen, 2) pencils, 3) iPhone cord,  4) flash-drives, 4) notepad
  • Must be water repellent  (sometimes is actually rains in SoCal!)
  • Must not be black! Objects tend get lost inside a black-lined bag.
  • Must have waterproof lunch compartment. (Most teachers bring their lunch and beverage, and I can’t remember how many times my lunch leaked all over essays or –yep–all over my iPad. Note: I tossed the Tupperware for some leak proof glass containers.)
  • In fact, a watertight iPad compartment would be great!
  • Points for stylish looks

Sort of sounds like I’m looking for a portable office–which is often the case.

waterproof lunch bag is attached to tote--not so stylish

waterproof lunch bag is attached to tote–not so stylish

I found an almost perfect book bag at Barnes & Noble. It’s just lacking a long shoulder strap.

The perfect tote for the office! Sigh. Maybe one day I’ll find it.


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Chocolate Cheddar Review

cheese 4I love chocolate.                                                   I love cheese.                                                   But together?                                              Would it please?


I broke down and finally bought Trader Joe’s chocolate Cheddar cheese and I must say it’s not bad. As you can see from the photo, the cheese has dark chocolate shavings inside–meaning, it’s MOSTLY cheese.

First, I tasted it plain and cold. The OK cheddar flavor was followed by a hint of chocolaty sweetness.

Second, I sipped red wine and nibble on the cheese. Much better! The wine helped bring out the flavors of both. SO, this would be a good novelty cheese to include in a sampling if you need quick, fun party nibbles.

cheese 5Third
, (I’m ever so diligent during chocolate experimentation) I added a slice of cheese atop a split croissant, and warmed in the toaster over!  Magnifico! On par with Nutella! The heat brought out both flavors and, combined with the delicate taste of the croissant ,made for a yummy–if not calorie-laden–treat.

I think this chocolate cheddar would be great wrapped in a wonton and fried. Hubby’s family stuffs empandas with cheese, so this might be a unique substitute.

cheese 1If you love the idea  and taste of a sweet cheese, I suggest buying an expensive gourmet bottle of vinegar ( don’t even ask how many bottles of flavored specialty vinegars I have) and shake the decadently sweet drops onto the cheese for a real “party in your mouth.”




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School Answering Message

Taking the day off to catch up on teacher and author responsibilities, BUT so as not to leave my faithful readers high and dry, I will share a funny video.  Any teacher will appreciate it. Sometimes, I wish I could leave something similar on my voice mail.



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Gadget Girl

gadget 2This is Hubby’s name for me. He calls me Gadget Girl whenever I bring home another useful time-saving device.They are not gadgets! They are essential tools necessary for food preparation, female beatification, and household maintenance. Gadgets! Hmph! Such a disdainful and demeaning term.

I need every single apparatus.

Every. Single. One.




gadgets stacked in the pantry

gadgets stacked in the pantry

Here’s the list of food prep must-haves!

  • For making dinner before leaving for work one needs a medium crock pot.
  • Large family gatherings require a large crock pot.
  • 2-pot crock pot-–sounds like a name of a rapper—is perfect for buffet-style family meals.
  • large roaster is great for cooking a small turkey or BBQ ribs enough to feed the gang.
  • The George Foreman grill makes a nice panini—which my son tells me I need to make for him.
  • Every penny spent on the Kitchen Aid mixer was well worth it. Cupakes? Bam! Done.
  • Fresh pesto, salsa, or fruit purees require a mini food processor. 
  • By far the oldest—over 20 yrs—gadget in the pantry is the large food processor. It lasted longer than my first two marriages combined!
  • Smoothies and margaritas require a blender.
  • When the inner barista strikes, I get out the frother: Mine only works with skim milk.
  • Puleeze…a toaster/oven hardly qualifies as a gadget
  • For the one day a year when we need to carve the turkey,  I keep the electric dual action knives: The official turkey carving gadget.
  • Hubby’s favorite gadget is the knife sharpener: It’s his manly job! Grunt! He enjoys sharpening knives when my daughters bring home a new boyfriend.
  • A late-night internet purchase was the Yonana, a gadget that turns frozen bananas into an ice cream-like treat. Didn’t use it last year. But this year for sure!
  • Twice a year I break out the waffle iron for breakfast.
  •  Once a year I drag the Pizzelle iron from the depths of the pantry to make the divine Italian cookie by the same name.
  • Couldn’t live without the large electric fry pan.
  • Hubby’s “immediate” family is 50-people strong. The 80-cup electric coffee maker was a “coffee-anyone?” smart investment.
  • When I’m too lazy to drive to Starbucks I use the Krups coffee maker.
  • This jet engine-sounding machine was lots of money, but worth it. You can’t beat the organic-tastic taste and vitamins of veggie juice from the Juicer. I use it daily, sometimes twice a day.
  • Folks living in SoCal need an orange juicer.We need to do something with all the lemons, grapefruits, and oranges in the backyard.
  • This gadget is so old, they don’t even make that color plastic anymore, but I hold on to the hand held mixer for the memories.
  • Once upon a time, I ground coffee beans, now the coffee bean grinder is used to grind nuts.
 I got rid of the ice cream maker and bread machine years ago.
Is that a lot of stuff? Or do I need to open a restaurant?
 Household maintenance
  • The steamer is required for curtains and delicate fabrics.
  • Everyone in the house uses the Dustbuster—even Hubby.
  • ( a vacuum is not a gadget)
After all that time spent in the kitchen a gal needs to use her beauty gadgets!  There’s the essential can’t-do-without blow dryer, as well as the waving iron, 2 flat irons—I can never find the perfect one, but I’ll save that for another post–¼ inch curling iron, ½ inch curling iron,1 inch curling iron, 2 inch curling iron, 2 sets of steam rollers, and the Clarisonic brush. ( I have 2 daughters—don’t judge.)
I don’t know what happened to the crimper and I gave away the foot massager.
Do I have too many gadgets?
What’s your favorite gadget?
Which ones do you keep around for no good reason at all?

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Denim Distress

denimJeans! Love ‘em or hate ‘em?

I used to love jeans. Wore them all the time when I was young. Faded. Stone washed. Bell bottom. Acid washed. Button fly. Shrink-to-fit. Yup. I had them all. Lived in denim. Just like my daughters do now.

Then something happened! One day, jeans no longer became my go-to choice.

Here’s why I think this happened:

  • I’ve become fussier about comfort. I want jeans that are soft and stretchy, but not too stretchy. After all, casual wear should be comfy, right?
  • There are too many leg styles from which to choose. Wide, skinny, straight, boot cut, flare. Each leg style requires a different length and style appropriate footwear.
  • There are too many fit choices! Boyfriend. Curvy. Extra curvy. Trouser. Original (?) Skinny boot. Sexy.  Perfect boot. Long & lean.  Straight. City. Easy. Jegging. High rise. Low rise. Mid rise. Super low. Demi-curve. Slight curve. Bold curve. Supreme curve. Aaaaggghhhh!
  • The rise is too low (sounds like a paradox). A two-inch zipper? Really? What’s the point?
  • I’ve become too critical about back pocket placement. ( High pockets make your butt look bigger, lower placement make the derriere ever so much more attractive—or so claim the fashionistas)
  • I’m too critical about the wash. There is even—according to my daughters—an  “old lady wash” which upon closer inspection is denim that’s too blue and had a medium faded rinse.
  • I don’t want rhinestones, beads, flowers, logos, metal studs, or skulls on my a**.  ‘nough said.
  • Jeans are expensive! The ones with designer tears, holes, fading, and fraying cost even more money!
  • Machine or hang dry? Heat shrinks them and air-drying makes them stiff. (Wish this wasn’t a PG blog–several nasty jokes come to mind)
  • They seem to be either too loose or too tight.

PZI Jeans I love jeans. They are an American classic. They look as good with a sequin top as they do with a t-shirt. A style staple that is ever so versatile—if only I could find a pair.

All I want is the perfect jean. Is that too much to ask?

I guess it’s every woman’s quest.

How many jeans do you own? How many do you actually wear regularly? What’s your biggest denim gripe? Any recommends?

Password Blues


Do YOU have too many passwords?

Do you suffer from password or PIN confusion?

Passwords multiple—like rabbits, more and more, and more—and well—you get the picture.

It started out innocent enough. Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away (do you hear the musical score to Star Wars in the background) when the first computer was brought into the home many years ago. A password  was needed to access the computer. OK. Innocent enough.

But now! OMG! Even the mention  of “create a password” sends me running down the metaphoric hall, hair flying, arms flailing in the air, screaming “nooooooooo.”

I have over 25—that’s right—different passwords. How did I accumulated so many?

  • Bank accounts
  • Social media platforms:face book (personal, teacher, author), twitter, pinterest, 2 Instagrams, Tumblr, Goodreads, etc
  • Various publishing  and/or writing websites/programs
  • Multiple—and I mean way too many school-related  programs, websites, etc
  • several emails
  • a few software applications
Puppy commiserates while I rant about passwords!

Puppy commiserates while I rant about passwords!

The biggest problem. Those programs that demand the passwords be changed every few months. ACK!

“But L.Z.” I hear you saying, there’s a program for that. It saves all your passwords, even enters the  passwords and PINS for you.” That’s next on my to-do list. And I have a sneaking suspicion it will require a password!

My techie-son was appalled I have so many passwords. He demanded to know what they were all for. I read him the list, and he shook his head sadly. “Sorry, Mom, yeah you do have a lot.”

The other day, I swiped my card at the grocery store and was about to enter the PIN—another word that makes me quake in terror—when I had a brain fart. The mind went blank. Zero. Nada. My own memory wiped clean of those random numbers assigned by the bank.  I blame the checker, he was talking to the manager and they were discussing numbers and WHAM—I couldn’t remember my own.

Lucky for me, my gorgeous 17-yr old daughter stood next to me. She burst out laughing when she saw the expression on my face. “Mom, the brain is the first to go.”
“No,” I snapped back. “A woman’s cute looks are.”
That shut her up!
As we sat and sipped our mochas a few minutes later, I asked my daughter what her social security number was.
She grimaced, “I don’t know.”
“What’s your employee number?” Smug sip.
“I don’t know.”
“How many passwords and PINs do you have?”
“OK. OK. I get it, already.”
Yep! Soon enough, she will get multiple passwords. Life. School. Career. They all come with passwords.
 In addition to the password and the PIN, some sites want you to create secret  security questions. The toughest site I ever encountered demanded 3 security questions NOT related to name of pet, color, favorite food, locations, letters in your name, or  D.O.B

I really, really hope I wrote the answers down somewhere…

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First World Problems

OMG! I think I have FWP!

Came across this funny little gem. Perfect to show my students. Sometimes we forget how good we have it.  Do YOU  have FWP?


My FWP? When Starbucks runs out of those little green sticky-things and I spill a few drops of overpriced mocha while walking to my car.
What’s an example of one of your FWPs?
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More Rules for Life

Yesterday, I wrote about some of my favorite Rules for Life. Today I decided to share a few of my own.

1.  Eat chocolate every day    

2. Write-write-write ( edit what I write)

3. Lose the nay-sayers

4. Listen to music that makes me happy

5. Steal some quiet time

6. Wear clothes that make me look 10 lbs thinner

7. Make somebody laugh

8. Laugh at myself

9. Do something nice for someone 

Fruits, nuts, chocolate...contains all the food groups necessary for survival

10. Count my blessings

11. Buy more chocolate






Rules for a Good Life

There are lots of different Rules for a Good Life. Here’s one of my favorites. My tongue in cheek comments are in red.

Note: Type A personality is defined as one who is an impatient, ambitious, workaholic multi-tasker.

1. Marry the right person. This one decision will determine 90% of your happiness or misery.  Too bad we don’t understand this until we’re older and/or have experienced a harrowing divorce.

2. Work at something you enjoy and that’s worthy of your time and talent. Ah, if we could be sooo lucky and make money at the same time!

3. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. This sounds like a Type A personality—maybe not the cheerful part.

4. Be forgiving of yourself and others. Others, OK. Myself? Not so much.

5. Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know. Maybe if I had some meds….or an extra tall double shot espresso and a brownie.

6. Be generousMy children’s reminder at Christmas.

7. Persistence, persistence, persistence. If you’re a parent, you don’t have a choice!

8. Have a grateful heart. I try, but its tough when tasks at home and office keep piling up.

9. Discipline yourself to save money on even a modest salary. This is my least favorite “rule.” I didn’t even want to include it. Think of it more as a “guideline.” In addition,   it conflicts with #6 (be generous). Good thing this rule will help me practice  #4 (forgiving myself).

10. Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated. I could write pages on this one—but I usually keep my blogs short.

11. Commit yourself to constant improvement. Type A personality strikes again! Hubby uses a more unflattering term “perfectionist.” The word “commit” carries some serious baggage, as well. But oh! if I could only instill this in my students!( especially with regard to their essays)

12. Commit yourself to quality. This conflicts with   # 9 (saving money), be it chocolate or automobiles.

13. Understand that happiness is not based on possessions, power, or prestige, but on relationships with people you love and respect.  If this were remotely possible there would be no great literature  and the world would be perfect

14. Be loyal. To what? This also may conflict with #1. And what would happen to all the reality TV shows if everyone obeyed this rule?

15. Be honest. With yourself—yes , but see rule #10 for the all too frequent, “Honey, do I look fat in this?” question.  Lie to me!

16. Be a self-starter. This is a biggie; in fact, this rule is so important it should be re-assigned to the # 2 or #3 spot. Think about it: If you’re not a self-starter all the rules are for naught!

17. Be decisive even if it means you’ll sometimes be wrong. Once again, this rule may be at odds with # 9 (saving $) “Yes, charge it!”   And I’m never wrong.

18. Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for every area of your life. Ah, but where’s the fun in that? With whom would I argue? Unless I’m arguing with myself—see rule #17.

19.  Be bold and courageous. When you look back on your life, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the ones you did. WARNING: Do not show this rule to teenagers!

20. Take good care of those you love. Yet again, this may require breaking rule # 9. Unless they’re referring to hugs, kisses, sympathy, compassion, yada yada

21. Don’t do anything that wouldn’t make Mom or Dad proud. Depending on generation, ethnicity, or culture, I fully understand  this may be more of a challenge for some of us than others.

What rules do you have the most difficulty with? OR better still, please share your Rules for Life!  I would love to compile a new list!




What are chakras?

These are the  energy fields in your body. They control and reveal our emotional, spiritual, physical or mental health.  There are 7 chakra locations: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, and crown. Each is responsible for a different energy and are linked with a specific music, shape, age or maturity, element, gland, sense, crystal, plant, life issue, astrological sign, and particular angel!The Merkabah Recruit : where history, mythology, & science collide.