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Eat This, Not That!
Work it out! Lose the fat!
Cabbage for seven days
Slimfast shakes were once the craze
eat for your blood type, eat until you’re full
all these diets are just a load of bull!


Skinny girl diet, nibble and pick
what women won’t do to resemble a stick!
B-shots and books and advice and pills,
aren’t we tired yet of the diet mill?
Thighmaster, treadmills, body vibration machine
just so we can fit into some skinny a** jeans!
Calorie counting, sugar-be-gone
sweetening substitutes are also proved wrong.


Veggies and fruit and nuts and legumes
pasta and protein, I think we’re all doomed!
Just imagine, if you will, a day where we might
eat ANYTHING, ANYTHING and it would be alright!
What if I ate exactly what I craved?
would I soon become diet depraved?


Most  paintings of normal-shaped women are nude!

Most paintings of normal-shaped women are nude!

French fries and cheesepuffs and burgers galore
milkshakes, mac ‘n cheese, fried chicken and more!
How fast would those pounds materialize?
Would I blimp up before my very eyes?
Not worth the risk
cuz it’s too hard to fix.
So I’ll keep on trying
with my everlasting dieting.


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