Not watching the Big Game
not gorging on chips
have no favorite to claim
don’t know a fumble from a clip.


Didn’t put money on squares
didn’t join a pool
can’t tell a Seahawk from a Bronco
don’t know any NFL rules.


Not gonna devour a bowl of chili
nor drink me bottles of Coors
not gonna get drunk and silly
just gonna finish some chores.


Have no desire to stare at the flat screen
shouting at players and referees
or to  leap from the sofa actin’ steamed
cuz some player went down on his knees.


Maybe one day,
I’ll join the football fray
but unless your team’s winning
you just ain’t really grinning.


A few funny million dollar ads
promoting products good or bad.
and halftime shows
that can really blow.


Football! Football! Football!
I think I’ll pass this year
cuz from far away I’ll hear the call
of that touchdown cheer!


So before Hubby goes to his big Superbowl bash
I tell him I hope he’ll finally win some sweet Superbowl cash!

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