2382052_f520Supernatural. Unearthly. Alien. Unworldly. Mystical. The Shadow World. The Netherworld—
call it what you will, we all believe in the existence of some other place—a location where other things outside our understanding exist.

Don’t pretend you don’t believe! Everyone has a ghost story. Everyone can share a spooky event, experiences déjà vu, or remembers having a creepy feeling.

Is it our sixth sense? Our empathic skills? The other world breaking into our own?

We love the unknown—and listing all of the novels, books, TV shows, films, documentaries, and YouTube clips about this other world  would result in a blog 1000 pages long!

sumer 2Here’s a few loaded concepts!

  •  Faith: Religion.Mysticism. Spirituality
  •  Existentialism: Existence precedes essence (????)
  • Transcendentalism: The power of thought
  •  Metaphysics: Study of being and the world
  •  Nihilism: Belief that Reality does not exist

Brain hurt yet? Of course it does! Try as we might, we cannot comprehend our own world, let alone some other world.


Science is discovering amazing things about Dark Matter.This Dark Energy is responsible for to all kinds of cosmic and (as yet) explainable events.

Will science soon validate our most beloved myths?

spooky stuff

spooky stuff

And might this Dark Matter shed light on myths that stretch back thousands of years? It makes one wonder: Why does every culture and religion contain so much otherness.

It must be real. But where do we draw the line between cherished belief and fantastic myth?

We are quick to scoff at unrealistic mythological creatures like unicorns, dragons, werewolves, zombies, or vampires!

We do believe in angels ( especially guardian angels), demons, and ghosts!

angelAngles are sacred in judeo-christian culture!

For example: St. Ambrose lists 9 different classification of angels:

  • 1. Seraphim: Of the highest order, they are nearest God’s throne and there’s 4 of them.
  • 2. Cherubim: Large, winged creatures that are described many diffent ways.
  • 3. Dominions: They manage the other angels’ duties
  • 4. Thrones: They have lots of eyes. (Not much info on this classification)
  • 5. Principalities: Usually the protectors of religions
  • 6. Powers: Guards who stop the demons from taking over
  • 7. Virtues: The miracle workers
  • 8. Archangels: Above the regular angels. The 2 major players are Michael and Gabriel
  • 9. Angels (standard issue): Messengers

Our universe is infinite and unknowable—it’s no wonder we are amazed by the supernatural and paranormal.

I would love for you to share your supernatural story!

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