congressSequestration…sequestration…that’s all I’ve been hearing about for weeks! It’s all sequestration frustration!

While I drive to work, when I drive home, on the evening news. (No, I’m not telling you which channel I watch–I know better than to get involved in a political debate!)

I decide to look up the word as it applies to the government and the definition is VERY long, but extremely informative. I used  A Glossary of Political terms.

In a nutshell, sequestration refers to the automatic across-the-board budget cuts that result when Congress can’t reach a Budget resolution, EXCEPT on ALL those programs that are exempt. Which means, the non-exempt programs have to absorb the cuts of those  (mostly gigantic) exempt programs. I am positive I have oversimplified the definition waaaaaaaay too much.

So…this got me to thinking.  I need a little sequestration in my house. Some across-those-kitchen-cupboards spending cuts except on those necessities I deem vital to the household and my sanity.

coinsBudget Cuts:
  • ESPN channels 1 thru 500: Need I say more?
  • Green fees (sorry, hon)
  • Fast-food for teens too lazy to make a sandwich
  • Lawn service: good exercise for the men in the home
  • Snack foods that end with -itos ( Doritos, Fritos, Burritos, Cheetos, etc): no nutrituional value
  • Carbonated and/or flavored water: Try H2O + lemon= refreshment
  • Starbucks: Writers need coffee–it’s like a commandment or something. (Thou shalt drink over-priced coffee while writing.)
  • Wine: Provides many excellent health and emotional benefits
  • Chocolate: Mood enhancement
  • Manicures: Allows mom to feel pampered while she’s  working, slinging dinner, & writing

I’m going to announce my sequestration cuts today. I’m sure everyone will have no problem with the exempt “programs.”

And if the family doesn’t like it what are they gonna do? Vote me out?

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