junkmail“Bring in the wheelbarrow, honey!”                                    “Why?” Hubby manages to turn his head away from whatever critical sports game is on ESPN.              “It’s time to sort through the junk mail!”                                            “Oh, that!” He waves his hand at the mountain of mail atop the table in the foyer.

A one week’s accumulation. 

One week!

Save the trees! I think flipping through the paper pyramid.

This week’s cache:

  •  Catalogs from stores I’ve never heard of
  • Catalogs from the big department stores (OK, I’ll peak at the glossy Nordstrom Summer Spectacular)
  • Flyers for Buy 1/Get1 or ½  Off or Tuesday Kids Eat Free
  • Just Sold! Real estate flyers with smiling agents
  • Faux handwritten letters from someone who claims they want to buy my house
  • Sheets of paper advertising a variety of services
  • Reminders that a Good Will pick-up is scheduled in our neighborhood next week
  • Announcements for the Biggest Sale of the Year
  • Invitations for credit cards

How am I suppose to find the REAL mail? You know…the paper invoices for all those bills I pay on-line?

Wait? What’s this? Another parking ticket?  My older children seem to acquire these with alarming frequency. “But I didn’t know it was a no-parking space!  I’m broke until payday! I’ll pay you back. Promise!”

Too many years ago–when I was in high school– our teachers told us that sophisticated technology advances would mean an end to our reliance on paper.

No more books! They said. The trees will be safe! The Rain forest will thrive.

They were partly right! Except it didn’t quite work out that way did it?

I still receive printed materials! I continue to print important documents from the computer. I still purchase physical copies of books. I still get receipts!

In fact, as an author, I find nothing helps with rewrites, edits, and proof reading more than a PAPER copy!

I’m beginning to suspect the computer generates more paper waste.

But back to junk mail!

As if the junk mail stuffed in my mailbox–and let’s not even talk about all the business cards, flyers, and pamphlets left on my doorstep–wasn’t enough to go through, now I have email junk mail to contend with!

How much junk mail do you get in your inbox? Don’t get me started!

“All done!” I smack my hands together after the chore.

“You didn’t throw away the pizza coupon, did you? I was saving that one.” Hubby says while aiming the remote at the TV. “Hon?”

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