mimiAfter reviewing yesterday’s whine, I realized I left out an important beauty routine. One that experts say “only takes 10 minutes” but which normal gals claim “no way!”

My face! I’m not talking about the basics: wash, moisturize-moisturize-moisturize ( the eyes get a special product)- I’m speaking of that whole other business…

Applying The Make-up.

Every cosmetic counter I’ve been spouts the benefits of a primer ( like I’m a painting or something). There’s also a “finisher” product, but since I’m not going to the Academy Awards this year I skip that purchase.

That leaves: concealer, foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick/gloss,and mascara. More concealer. Somehow- that whole process takes more than 5 minutes.

If I’m going for the “natural look” it takes a whole lot longer.

My daughters swear by multiple coats of mascara–I’m lucky if I remember to drag the wand across the lashes ( which is why I keep mascara in my classroom). And cosmetic affectionatos will notice that I made no mention of contouring and highlighting.

Anyway, we all have gripes about the impossible beauty standards set by Hollywood, society, advertisements, and–yes–even our own ideas, so I’ve included a video depicting what is required for a woman to look “picture perfect.”

Real Beauty: An Unreal Transformation. You’ll feel MUCH better after watching it.


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