tweeting stylesJPGThis author-teacher-mom has learned lots of gooseful info since leaving the nest with the first tweet almost 3 years ago.

Between reading blogs on tweetiquette, following the do’s and don’ts, and using some good ol’ common sense learning eggsactly how to fly on Twitter is easy.

I’m no expert—far from it—but it didn’t take long to figure out the basic content and tweeting styles.

In the spirit of bird lingo,and in no particular order, here’s my list of tweet types :

  • trill: A quick succession of tweets within a minute. Many trills land you in the dreaded Twitter Jail.
  • caw:  Similar to calling someone out, only you @ someone famous ( or twitter famous) just to get noticed
  • cackle:  @-ing a long list of people
  • quack: Tweeting lies
  • warble: The like-my-page, buy-my-book, read-my-blog  DM
  • cluck:  Expressing disapproval about some event that pisses you off
  • chirp: A cheerful quick tweet of less than 140 spaces
  • cock a doodle doo: Pornographic tweet
  • chirrup: Like a hiccup… you sent tweet unfinished or with a typo ( not your fault of course, it’s  auto correct )
  • squawk: A continuous barrage of self-promoting
  • peep: Impact a newbie makes when tweeting/RTing to all 4 of their followers
  • flock: Your favorite tweeps
  • gaggle: Plethora of  abbreviated words make tweet incomprehensible
  • pecker: (noun) Follower tweeting explicit X-rated photos ( see cock a doodle doo )
  • gobble: Purchasing fake followers
  • hoot: Throwing a question out to Twitter to see who responds.

My apologies if there’s already a Twitter-approved word for one of these. Is a tweet type missing? Share your name for it!

See you in Twitterverse!

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