Can a computer program determine if you’re a good candidate for a job?

targetI’m not so sure about that. My son has had to fill out many on-line job applications this past year and he has yet to receive one bite.

I understand the rationale. Companies have to vet all the job-seeking candidates, and the on-line application is an efficient, unbiased, time-saving way to do it. Still…

Nothing compares to meeting a prospective employee in person. Our brain is able to do what a computer cannot–make split second judgments. Evaluations based not on how well a person responded to 100 repetitive questions on a multiple answer form, but with regards to body language, appearance, demeanor, and speech.

Multiple choice questions! Puuullleeease!  Hey Big Corporations, how can you possibly assess someone’s ability to think analytically, creatively,and quickly with a multiple choice questionnaire! Yes, I understand some jobs require mindless drones, but a customer service provider is a true boon to your business when they take initiative and respond to customers with grace, creativity,and intelligence.

And that is not possible to assess with an on-line app!

car5tsHow many of us have had frustrating experiences dealing with employees who can only repeat platitudes and/or are brain-dead? (see Zombie post)

I realize it reduces productivity hours when mangers review multiple applications, but I find the on-line applications repetitive, vague, and very disconcerting.

While peering over my son’s shoulder as he  applied for several jobs, I was amazed by the ridiculousness of the questions. The applications require that you lie!

Many years ago when I worked for Giant Corporation, my manager asked us to try out the new employee computer application. It was designed to assess morals, values, and trustworthiness. After assuring us we would NOT be fired if we failed, we each took the test. It was not unlike my son’s on-line applications.

Care to guess how I did?

That’s right!  I FAILED!  The test determined I was not an honest person based on my answers. The office thief-gossip-drama queen-liar, however, passed with flying colors! Why?  Cuz she LIED!

I still remember one of the questions.

1)  People in government tell the truth
A) 100% of the time      B) 80% of the time    C) 50 % of the time      D) 20% of the time.

I chose D.

Am I right? 

Evidently because I do not have blind faith in people, I am deemed trustworthy.

wisdomeMmmmm. And I thought understanding human nature meant you were wise!

Have you ever filled out a on-line job app and received an interview?

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