3-1-penWhile perusing the web the other day, I found a FOX news article that listed the 10 job skills every employer wants. The list was sort of a no-brainer. But the list got me to thinking…

The skills deemed important are not exclusive to employees. These personalty traits are equally valuable for healthy relationships, as well!  EVERY ONE wants their significant other to possess these excellent characteristics.

Here’s the Employer Wish List and my ( slightly slanted) comments:

1. Shows commitment
  • I think it’s called a vow or something; rings and weddings are involved.
2. Wears many hats
  • Our significant others must be willing to perform many different duties. Hubby can cook and do laundry.  Wife can  pay someone to mow the lawn and buy new clothes.
3. Goes the extra mile
  • We expect our loves to swim through shark-infested waters for us or, at least, make a Starbucks run.
4. Decision-makers
  • Nobody–repeat–nobody can deal with chronic fence sitters. Of course, the flip side, are the horrors of marrying a tyrannical dictator.
5. Have passion or a sense of purpose
  • Passion is good, and, in general, people are more interesting to talk to when when they have a passion about something. For example, I’m passionate about novels: Hubby is passionate about sports. So we both nod our heads encouragingly when the other speaks, but don’t really pay much attention. ( joking)
6. Organized
  • This skill comes in handy during tax time and makes life easier on everyone–unless your significant other has OCD tendencies.
7. Dependable
  • Do NOT mistake un-dependability with spontaneity. The two traits are vastly different! And do not mistake dependability with boring!
8. Possesses effective communication skills
  • Because slamming doors, foul language, and baleful looks are sooooo sexy.
9. Conscientiousness
  • A tricky trait. Niceties done by rote or habit are not near as endearing as a considerate gesture.
10. Positive attitude
  • Except when the positive attitude is a substitute for reality.

What trait do you think is missing?  I think it’s creativity!

We need creativity at work to be innovative problems and we need creativity in relationships to….ummm… this is a PG blog…be innovative problem solvers!

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