It’s the best of times–it’s the worst of times! 

IMG_5997Teenagers are fun! Teens keep you on your toes!

Parents of teens enjoy complaining about their teens–and rightly so. Few of us are blessed with perfect children ( and please, if you have perfect children you’re either lying or grossly deceived).

But teens are useful and good for lots of stuff! Here’s a list to help us remember why we love and appreciate our teens.



  • drive to Starbucks to pick up your over-priced coffee.
  • shop for groceries and never forget the salt-sugar-carb snacks.
  • announce how your new dress really looks.
  • point out new wrinkles or grey roots.
  • confess that your style is looking “old lady.”
  • pump gas and wash your car.
  • invoke memories of when you could eat anything and still look fab in a bikini.
  • demonstrate the latest grinding dance moves.
  • answer most of your technology questions.
  • inspire you too keep your car insurance paid up.
  • embolden you to ask for a raise and climb the corporate ladder.
  • lighten the load in your wallet
  • teach you to laugh and cry at the exact same time.
  • require you to develop a sense of humor.
  • give you a reason to play the iconic “I Will Survive” song to banish their dating blues.
  • enliven any dinner discussion.
  • help determine the G forces on any door.
  • provide proof of the need to have unlimited texting/wifi service.
  • assist with emptying the cookie jar.
  • hone your sleeping skills so that you can hear the sound of a footfall on carpet
  • improve your sense of smell–alcohol breath can be detected from 5 feet away.
  • communicate colorful new words for body parts or actions.
  • motivate you to get out of bed early Saturday morning to watch their games/performances.
  • make late night ice cream runs

adam icecreamWithout teenagers, parents would never develop the compassion, fortitude, grace, courage, and stamina to enter Middle Age with wisdom and forbearance.

Yep, teens are useful!

How are YOUR teenagers useful???

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