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Angel Lore 3


angels 9Angel: from the Greek angelos, which means messanger

Fun facts:

The Book of Enoch says angels were men, since they fell in-love with the “daughters of men.” (Together they produced angel half breeds, known as nephilim)

When Mohammed was transported to Heaven, he saw an angel with 70,000 heads, each head having 70,000 faces, each face having 70,000 mouths, each mouth having 70,000 tongues, each tongue speaking 70,000 languages. And they were all praising God.  OK–let’s do the math, that’s 31,000 trillion languages and 5 billion mouths!

Some believe angels are ageless and gender

angels 8There are angels for just about every occasion. The following is a small sampling.

  • Angels of Dreams
  • Angel over Birds
  • Angel of the Bottomless Pit
  • Angel of creation
  • Angels of Cold
  • Angel of Chaos
  • Angel of calculations
  • Angel of Deserts
  • Angel of dust
  • Angel of Forgetfulness
  • Angel of Food
  • Angel of earthquakes
  • Angel of Herbs
  • Angel of Fruit
  • Angel of Patience
  • Angel of Poetry
  • Angel of Song
  • Angel of sleep

well…you get the picture…

angel of the day


angel of the month

Hope you had fun discovering the world of angels!

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Angel Lore 2

angels 7jpg

We are all familiar with the big-name angels like Gabriel and Michael, but there’s a whole angelic host with some pretty impressive creds to their name.

But first, a fun fact: God assigns some angels to Hell, just as there are fallen angels hanging out in Heaven ( the Grigori, for example).

A few angelic heavy hitters!

  • aka “The Destroyer” or “angel of the bottomless pit”. In Revelation, this is the angel who will bind Satan in Hell for 1,000 years.
  • Some believe Abaddon is a place, rather than a being.
  • In the Christian allegorical story Pilgrim’s Progress, he is a demon or a devil
  • One text claims it was the name God invoked to reign terror upon Egypt in the time of Moses
  • “branch of God”
  • One of the 8 Merkabah angels
  • Keeps the keys to the heavenly hall
  • Cheif seal bearer
  • Told to whip God’s favorite angel 60 times with fire
  • Took Enoch to heaven
angels & demons 2jpgAzzael: (fallen angel)
  • Leader of the 200 fallen angels
  • Taught men how to forge a sword
  • Introduced women to make-up (nice)
  • Lord of Hell, Seducer of Mankind (not so nice)
  • Depicted as having 7 serpent-like heads, 14 faces, and 12 wings.
  • His  refusal to worship Adam got him kicked out of heaven
  • “striver with God”
  • Belongs to a prestigious class of angels who surround God’s throne, and may compare with that of seraphim and cherubim
  • aka Sarafiel
  • Supposedly has 4 wings and is so tall his head touches the pillars of the Divine Throne
  • Often overcome with tears of grief when he peers down at hell
  • Islamic folklore contends that he, along with 3 other angels, gathered dust from around the world to create Adam
  • “gift of God”
  • One of the 12 angels of vengeance
  • Lord over fire
  • Saved 7 men from fire during the infamous God vs Baal contest
  • “of fire”
  • Lord of hailstorms
  • Can  morph into an eagle
  • Has spellbinding power
  • Governs over Virgo
  • Leader of many legions of angels
  • Super tall, but not as tall as the Watchers (fallen angels)
  • Will blow the horn on Judgement Day
  • “fire of god”
  • Interprets Ezra’s visions
  • Watches over thunder and terror
  • Stands at the gate,fiery sword in hand, to guard the entrance to Eden
  • One of the angels who helped destroy the army at Sennacherib
  • Angel of the month of September
  • Gave the Kabbalah to man

angels & demonsReligious art is one of my “things.” Can’t get enough of it! Which means I’m always perusing the museum shops for art books. Along with all the wonderful photos, this little book contains a wealth of information about religious lore.

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Angel Lore

the fall1

Specific angels exist for each: day of the week, month, phase of the moon, season, planet, zodiac, 4 directions, and hour of the day! In fact, there’s an angel for just about any occasion!

Our history is rife with lore about angels’ victories, meetings, tasks, and fall from Heaven. Oddly enough, and except for few, their actual names are NOT found in the Bible.

Where do all those angel names come from?

Most of what we know about angels comes from texts other than scripture. Oh sure, there’s the occasion mention of angels in the Bible, but they are described very ambiguously.

So from where does angel lore derive? Many of the names, classifications, rankings, and legends come from apocryphal texts.

the fall2Apocryphal = a text which has been determined to be unauthentic, and/or has dubious origins and/or an unreliable author.

Here’s a list of texts–authentic and not–that discuss angels. Disclaimer: Any inaccuracies are my own, and it is not my intent to marginalize or promote the authenticity of any ancient text. In other words, I’m 100% certain many people know a whole lot more about the texts listed below than I. 

  • 1. The Koran: specifies 7 angels by name
  • 2. The Bible: specifies 3 angels by name
  • 3. The Book of Tobit: Considered apocrypha, although a few fragments were found in the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • 4. The Talmud names a few angels, like Uriel, Reziel,and Metatron,
  • 5. The Zohar: The go-to guide for Jewish mystical Kabalistic philosophy and teachings
  • 6.The Book of Jubilees: Considered pseudepigraphia ( a false work ) by most Christian religions. Early Christians were familiar with this text. ( Interesting reading! One of the characters discusses this dubious text in the 2nd novel of the Merkabah series)
  • 7. The Book of Enoch: Also considered pseudepigraphia. Written by–guess who–Enoch, great great great grandson of Noah. (Also used in research for the 2nd novel)
  • 8. the grimoires: Super spooky incantations and black magic stuff

the zoharIn later years:

  • Paradise Lost by Milton: An epic poem about the fall of man ( in case you were sleeping in class the day the teacher read an excerpt ).
  • Lucifer by Vondal: A 17th century playwright who wrote about the battle between Lucifer and Michael–and both their armies.
  • The Hierarchy of Blessed Angels by Heywood: A long poem by a British playwright in the 17th century.
  • State of Innocence by Dryden: An operetic adaptation of Paradise Lost
  • The Messiah by Klopstock: A German poet whose subject matter of his epic lyrical poems rattled more than a few Christian leaders.

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