toomanyclothes2The closet!  That small space where more stuff is jammed inside than any other room in the house. Occasionally, InStyle magazine will feature celebrity closets—a crystal chandelier-ed, fabulously lite, color-coordinated space the size of my garage—but I just turn the page (OK, maybe I take the briefest peek). The ceiling-high rows of Manalos, Louboutins, and Pradas just bring tears to my modest income eyes!

And yet I have learned ONE thing from those glossy pages: The essentials of closet organization. Unfortunately, I don’t have too much room to work with—Hubby’s insists on hanging up his trousers and shirts—which leaves me with one option: A Spring Closet Purge.

Spring Cleaning #1 lists the closet cleaning essentials so I won’t repeat.

The most difficult part of the task? Defining the vision of yourself!  I see a gorgeous, refined, elegant Donna Karan draped woman with effortless style holding a glass of wine. My hair is shiny and smooth; make-up, flawless.

That’s the dream, anyway.

The reality is a woman who scrambles out of bed at 5 am to get to work by 7. Returns nine hours later—grocery bags in hand—to write novels while burning dinner.

Reality: More coffee than wine. Harried expression. Worn off makeup. Yoga pants & t-shirt.

The impossible closet task: Clothes to purge:
  • require intensive coordination time because some pants only look good with certain top and shoes.
  • show signs of shrinkage because I swear clothes do that when they sit in the closet for any length of time. Right?
  • don’t match anything. At. All.
  • have holes–except jeans—you pay extra for denim with holes.
  • any garment that doesn’t make you feel fabulous. OK, I admit, this is the most challenging part. Pick a day when you’re feeling mildly fabulous.
Several piles lay on the floor.
  • give away
  • throw away
  • one day I’ll fit back into these—hey, it’s happened before!
  • repair—hems, buttons etc.
  • need daughters’ opinions. They’re always brutally honest.
  • a plastic-wire-felt mountain of hangers.

State of the closet?  The wooden rod no longer sags with the weight of the unwearable!   Was that a breeze I felt?  I see the corner! Ah! That’s where the scarf disappeared! Light shines over the clothes! Birds sing! All is right with the world!

I vow to make better/smarter clothing purchases and feel better knowing that anything I grab will be wearable.

And although I still don’t look like the woman of my dreams—because I can’t afford Donna Karan—at least I made my life a little less stressful in the morning.

My heroes!

My heroes!

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