What a mess--I vow to be brutal!

What a mess–I vow to be brutal!

Spring Cleaning! Some tackle the garage. Some vacuum behind every cushion on the couch, or wipe the blinds, or clean the drapes. Seems like an awful lot of work.

My idea of spring cleaning? My closet! Discarding the frayed, the old, the too tight, and the what-was-I-thinking?  Oh, and sorting shoes!

I don’t know-maybe it’s me-–but if my clothes are in order perhaps I will:
  • leave the house faster in the morning
  • feel perfectly put together with minimal effort
  • find the outfit I’m looking for in 1/2 the time
  • throw less tantrums in the closet

Estimated closet spring cleaning time:  2 days

Here’s the supplies I need:
  • Plastic bin for the  “one day I’ll fit back into these expensive clothes”
  • Large plastic bag for give-away items
  • Large plastic bin for thrift store
  • coffee
  • courage
  • resolve
  • one honest daughter to say, “That’s soooo old lady, mom. Toss it!”
Day #1:  Shoes: They’re easy to sort. 
Shoes tossed:
  • have nicked heels
  • are worn at the toe
  • have heels so poorly designed I look drunk when walking
  • give me blisters ( too tight)
  • are so loose I walk out of them
  • are no longer my style
  • might be cute but are not comfortable for any length of time
  • squeak
  • jingle loudly from the poorly-placed decorative hardware
While staring at the pile and reviewing the shoes that survived the purge, I have a minor epiphany. The course of one’s life is revealed in shoe purchases.
I tossed:
  • Uber-pointy, wobbly stilettos because I’m not dating anymore.
  • Flat ballerinas with no arch support because my day is long and involves walking and standing.
  • Any footwear that is remotely uncomfortable because hurting feet equals grumpy girl.
  • Any shoe with a square toe because Stacy & Clinton of What Not to Wear fame would be horrified.
  • Any shoe with a chunky heel because it screams “old lady.”

What’s left of my fabulous shoes collection? Too many black shoes! And no where near enough expensive fashion-forward shoes! ACK!

Time to go shoe-shopping. Maybe spring cleaning isn’t so bad after all.

Tomorrow: Purging the clothes!

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