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The Shape of Crazy

crazyWriting, by its very nature, requires a bit—OK, a whole universe of Crazy! And, yes, Crazy is capitalized because it’s an entity—without form or substance—yet decidedly a force. In fact, all creative tasks are imbued with Crazy.

Crazy takes many forms, many shapes.

What shape is your CRAZY?



Akin to 2 sides of Star Wars’ The Force, crossing the line is an indication you’ve entered the Crazy Side. You probably know exactly where the line is too, don’t you?



circular reasoning

Are you really Crazy? Or is Crazy your normal? If it’s your normal how can it be Crazy?
Crazy Circular logic is sooooo fun!




The ancients claimed it was a mystical shape, the apex being Crazy Heaven. Although you are usually firmly planted at its earthly base, you know creative paradise is only achieved with pointed Crazy.




It’s a swirling mass pulling you in. Like William Blake’s poem “The Second Coming” when “mere anarchy is loosed upon“ your work you behave like a “rough beast” as “things fall apart” around you. It’s all good though. Right?




It is your guide in the darkness and your cosmic twinkling light of imagination. As long as your creative star doesn’t burn out you’re in artistic heaven.




Both your salvation and crucifixion,
it’s a thorny agony resulting in your greatest creative triumph.




You control your Crazy, allowing a finite time to pour genius into your work.




Patterns imbued with shapes, the mandala is a tool for entering a Zen-like meditative state. Your Crazy is a planned and purposeful pathway, one in which you are in complete control. Namaste.




An age-old sacred geometry imbued with mystical powers, this Crazy mixes religion, mindfulness, intent, and wisdom to release your divine Crazy within.


Double Helix


The shape of life, your Crazy begets more Crazy and is an intrinsic part of your DNA, the strands linking your complex thought processes.


So, what shape is your Crazy?


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Idea Vault

idea vaultWriters have a plethora of ideas. Idea Bombs usually come at odd times–when driving, during a conversation, at work, or while drifting off to sleep.

It never fails, one minute you’re engrossed in some task, the next--kapow!— an explosion of ideas blows up your mind! I have some of the best ideas while cooking ( shhshsh….don’t tell the hubby).

The not-so-great thing about an Idea Bomb is they are quick to dissipate into the ether, often before one can do anything about them.

Here’s a few suggestions for storing those ideas before it’s too late. Use Idea Vaults. Warning: This is for the techno-proficient. Sorry Luddites, you’re just have to carry pen and paper wherever you go.

  •  Use Pintrest’s secret board for top secret photo ideas for the next novel.
  •  Create a separate board for each work in progress.
  • No time to type? Take a photo and pin it to one of your boards. (This is one of my teacher tricks. If class is over and students are still mid-task, I have them take a photo.)
  • Take screen captures of information before it disappears on the fast-moving Twitter or Facebook feed
  •  Use the Notes section on your phone or ipad. Create separate notes for:
1. blog topic ideas
2. character and place names
3. each novel/work in progress
4. future plots/novels
5. 1-sentence pitches
6. catchy words/phrases for future promos


  • Keep unused witty 140-character tweets in drafts. Having a brain dead day? Scroll through your tweet drafts and voila!
  • Set up devices so they sync—if you’re not sure how to do this just ask any three year old. LOL
  • Set up a Cloud account. My son the computer engineer says, “If a document isn’t in 3 places, it doesn’t exist.”
  • Create folders for any giant chunk of words you cut from an MS but suspect might one day come in handy

The downside of using technology?  Computers, phones, and iPad can be lost, stolen, or go under water. However, I’ve lost more scraps of paper with brilliant ideas ( cough cough) than I’ve lost with technology.

Do YOU use Idea Vaults?

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Fab Female Friday: Ninkasi

sumerWe know we’re fabulous, right ladies? How fab are we? Did you know women were the first beer-makers!

Thank us later, men!

4000 years ago in ancient Sumer, women brewed and sold barley beer. So healthy and nutritious!  Good for the whole family!

One fiscally-minded, ambitious female merchant expanded her business from beer-brewing bar-owner to Queen of Sumer! (details are sketchy about how she pulled that off—check stone tablets for more info)

Talk about climbing the ladder of success!

sumer 2Those  beer-lovin’ Sumerians even had a goddess of beer. Ninkasi. The loose translation is “the lady who fills the mouth.” Goddess Ninkasi adored beer and one follower of Inanna—goddess of sex and war—even wrote a lovely devotional poem to Ninkasi: Hymn to Ninkasi.

So ladies, tell your man it was a woman who first made this revered and celebrated nectar of the goddess!

nectar of the goddess

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