sumerWe know we’re fabulous, right ladies? How fab are we? Did you know women were the first beer-makers!

Thank us later, men!

4000 years ago in ancient Sumer, women brewed and sold barley beer. So healthy and nutritious!  Good for the whole family!

One fiscally-minded, ambitious female merchant expanded her business from beer-brewing bar-owner to Queen of Sumer! (details are sketchy about how she pulled that off—check stone tablets for more info)

Talk about climbing the ladder of success!

sumer 2Those  beer-lovin’ Sumerians even had a goddess of beer. Ninkasi. The loose translation is “the lady who fills the mouth.” Goddess Ninkasi adored beer and one follower of Inanna—goddess of sex and war—even wrote a lovely devotional poem to Ninkasi: Hymn to Ninkasi.

So ladies, tell your man it was a woman who first made this revered and celebrated nectar of the goddess!

nectar of the goddess

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