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Teen Slang 3

Are you flossin’ to your friends about your knowledge of slang!

Final 20 words! I saved the easiest ones for last! (Although I included a few obscure terms  just to “keep it real.”)

1. steelo
2. bomb
3. crib
4. ghetto
5. yo
6.keep it real
7. play
8. all that
9. player
10.kill it
11. grip
12. hot
13. holla
14. cold
15. what’s up
16. off the hook
17. beef
18. peace
19. ice
20. floss


Definitions below!

1. steelo: noun: 1. style   2: confidence
2. bomb: ( often followed after da)  adj: 1. excellent  2. popular
3. crib: noun: house, abode
4. ghetto: adj: cheap, imitation
5. Yo: interjection denoting surprise, recognition. hey (In Shakespearean times is was ho— only one letter change)
6. keep it real: verb: to tell the truth, to be authentic
7. play: verb: 1. to deceive, mislead, lie to  2. noun: sex
8.  all that: adj; arrogant, pompous, egotistic
9. player: noun: one who is sexually assertive with multiple sexual partners, one who is skilled with flirting or manipulating others
10. kill it: verb: to do a great job/task, to perform well
11. grip: noun: a large amount,
12. hot: adj: attractive,trendy
13. holla: verb: to call out 2. noun; a greeting
14. cold:  adj: cruel, unkind,
15. What’s up ( pronounced wazzup or wad up) interjection: greeting
16. off the hook: adj, very fun/enjoyable,
17. beef: noun: problem, negative reaction
18. peace or peace out: interjection: good bye
19. ice: noun: jewelry, diamonds,
20. floss: verb:1.  to brag, to show off. 2. to pretend

Are you keeping hip with the times or are you no longer in the teen lingo loop?

OK folks, that’s all for the slang words! Hope you had fun!

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Teen Slang 2

Don’t be a tool!

OK hipsters! I have 20 more words for you! Let’s see if you know the definition of these slang terms.

1. tool
3. trip
4. beat
5. chill
6. wack
7. tight
8. bunk
9. dis
10. bling
11. game
12. props
13. step off
14. front
15. played
16. lit
16. janky
18. dope
19. Hoopty
20. hater

Here are the definitions.

1. tool: noun: fool, person with no self-esteem
2. down: adj: to be in agreement
3. trip: verb: to panic, worry
4. beat: adj: being old -fashioned, not trendy, boring
5. chill: verb; to relax,to clam down
6. wack; adj: crazy, inappropriate, weird, stupid
7. tight: adj: cool, excellent, begin emotionally close to a person(s)
8. bunk: adj: no true, unacceptable, disagreeable, false
9. dis: verb: short for disrespect, criticize,
10. bling: noun: jewelry, shiny, sparkly
11. game: noun: having charisma, people skills, sex appeal
12. props: noun: to give credit, to praise,
13. step off: verb:to leave alone, to retreat
14. front: verb; to pretend to be something your not
15. played: verb: over used, tired
16. lit: noun: to get drunk, high OR to get angry
17. janky: adj:nasty, tacky, worthless
18. hoopty: noun: old, dilpatidated  car
19. dope: adj: awesome, great
20: hater: noun: a person who is jealous of another

How many did you get correct?
Think you can
 you use the words in a sentence? Leave a comment using the terms!

20 more words tomorrow!

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Novel tidbits: Are you an empath?

Are you  an empath?You  are an empath if you have highly developed intuitive senses or sensory perceptions. All humans possess empathic characteristics to a certain extent. We all put on our game face-especially  in public, but an empath actually feels what another is really feeling.

  • Do you get instant feelings  about someone?
  • Intuit their true mood?
  • Do you instinctively know if someone is lying or depressed?
  • Do you cry or laugh or sneeze or feel pain when you are in close proximity to another who is experiencing those things? For example: Will your knee hurt when you speak to someone who is recovering from knee surgery?
  • Do certain noises drive you crazy? ( besides a screaming baby on the airplane)
  • Does a particular scent make you cry or laugh?
  • Can you discern the prevailing emotion in a room or a meeting?
  • Can you determine if a person has high or low energy upon first meeting them?
  • Do parties leave you drained?
  • Do people seek you out to dump on you emotionally?

In The Merkabah Recruit, the main character is an unique empath.

If you’re interested in this subject or want to know more, check out my novel.
Tomorrows topic: history of the Merkabah

Teasers, anyone?

Busy re-writing, fine-tuning, and fact checking  for The Merkabah Deception–the 2nd in the Merkabah series.

Daphne Sites and her Guide are in Ecuador where they hope to put a stop to the mysterious mass hysteria illness at a prestigious girls prep school.

Her search for answers leads to a trip to the Amazon jungle, the equator line, and visits to Quito’s most majestic cathedrals–one with spooky catacombs! Mmmm…wonder what Daphne will find there?

Daphne must also learn to work with Caesar–and arrogant and licentious Merkabah Medium with a chip on his shoulder and a few secrets to tell.

El duende, an azeman, and a keyeme are just a few of the  mythological South America creatures who come out to play in this adventure.

And S.J. shows another side of himself–one that Daphne has a difficult time accepting.

That’s all for now!