Are you  an empath?You  are an empath if you have highly developed intuitive senses or sensory perceptions. All humans possess empathic characteristics to a certain extent. We all put on our game face-especially  in public, but an empath actually feels what another is really feeling.

  • Do you get instant feelings  about someone?
  • Intuit their true mood?
  • Do you instinctively know if someone is lying or depressed?
  • Do you cry or laugh or sneeze or feel pain when you are in close proximity to another who is experiencing those things? For example: Will your knee hurt when you speak to someone who is recovering from knee surgery?
  • Do certain noises drive you crazy? ( besides a screaming baby on the airplane)
  • Does a particular scent make you cry or laugh?
  • Can you discern the prevailing emotion in a room or a meeting?
  • Can you determine if a person has high or low energy upon first meeting them?
  • Do parties leave you drained?
  • Do people seek you out to dump on you emotionally?

In The Merkabah Recruit, the main character is an unique empath.

If you’re interested in this subject or want to know more, check out my novel.
Tomorrows topic: history of the Merkabah

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