Busy re-writing, fine-tuning, and fact checking  for The Merkabah Deception–the 2nd in the Merkabah series.

Daphne Sites and her Guide are in Ecuador where they hope to put a stop to the mysterious mass hysteria illness at a prestigious girls prep school.

Her search for answers leads to a trip to the Amazon jungle, the equator line, and visits to Quito’s most majestic cathedrals–one with spooky catacombs! Mmmm…wonder what Daphne will find there?

Daphne must also learn to work with Caesar–and arrogant and licentious Merkabah Medium with a chip on his shoulder and a few secrets to tell.

El duende, an azeman, and a keyeme are just a few of the  mythological South America creatures who come out to play in this adventure.

And S.J. shows another side of himself–one that Daphne has a difficult time accepting.

That’s all for now!

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