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First World Problems

OMG! I think I have FWP!

Came across this funny little gem. Perfect to show my students. Sometimes we forget how good we have it.  Do YOU  have FWP?


My FWP? When Starbucks runs out of those little green sticky-things and I spill a few drops of overpriced mocha while walking to my car.
What’s an example of one of your FWPs?
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Girlie to-do list

better-of-beauty-calgon-take-me-away_-eeba_0Girls have too many beauty regiments! Part 1

The other day I went to the dentist, where the hygienist informed me that I needed to devote 3 minutes to brushing my teeth using small circular movements. Evidently, I am too aggressive in my brushing ritual.  I smiled sweetly, nodding my head in agreement. Yes, I’m thinking, three minutes to add to my already rushed beauty ritual in the morning.No problemo!

face washHere’s a list of stuff the experts advise that I do everyday.
  • Hairdresser: apply soothing oil to my tresses
  • Nail technician: apply moisturizing hand cream AND rub in cuticle cream/oil
  • Pedicurist: apply moisterizing cream to heels
  • Aesthetician: apply moisturizing face cream and exfoliate
  • Physician: exercise AND eat oatmeal
  • Dentist: floss
  • Hygienist: brush for 3 minutes in slow circular motion
  • Lady/Guy at the Mac Counter: use base coat before before applying makeup
Other activities random experts claim we must do:
  • meditate
  • eat fruit
  • eat vegetables
  • drink 8 glasses of water
  • drink herbal tea
  • take B-vitamin supplement
  • do yoga

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for all that stuff. I have a job! I need to leave  the house in the morning! I’m not a Kardashian who can spent hours on consuming beauty rituals.

I told my husband something had to give, that there’s simply not enough time in my day to get done everything I should ( moisturizing takes time). I’m thinking about eliminating grocery shopping from my daily activities–and cooking.

What’s your favorite or least favorite beauty ritual!

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Roasted Beet Salad

I know! I know! Beets… But it’s time to re-think  how delicious this veggie can be if served right!

beet saladThis tasty salad recipe comes from my future daughter in-law. She always has the most wonderful  recipes for vegetables–no doubt because her family owns
Weiser Family Farms. They are organic farmers and their certified organic specialty produce is found on the menus of  some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles.

Lucky for us, their certified organic produce is also  available at 18 different farmers markets in SoCal. Check their website for farmer market times and locations and also for lots of yummy healthy organic recipes.

I wasn’t a fan of beets until just a few years ago. This root vegetable is a good source of beets5glycine betaine ( good for your blood), folates, vitamin A, carotenoids, flavonoids, anti-oxidants, as well as a host of B-complex vitamins and  minerals. That’s one healthy vegetable!

Salad Ingredients
  • 4-5 small beets ( golden, candy-stripped, or regular)
  • 1 bag of baby arugula
  • blue cheese
  • optional: candied pecans or walnuts
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper
Dressing Ingredients
  • lemon juice
  • olive oil
  • garlic salt
Place foil in a baking dish with beets. Lightly coat beets with olive oil, salt,and pepper. Wrap  beets in foil to form a packet. Bake the beets at 350 degrees until fork tender (approx 40 minutes). I use my toaster oven.  Let beets cool until warm. To remove skin, use a paper towel and simply rub off the skin- quick and easy! Slice beets and chill in refrigeration until ready to assemble salad.

Toss arugula, chilled beets, dressing, and blue cheese. Top with candied walnuts/pecans if desired.

Dressing: 2 parts lemon juice to 1 part olive oil. Season with garlic salt.

I could eat this salad every day! Thanks Steffy, for the great recipe.

See you at the farmer’s market!

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Fab Female Friday:Boudicca

"Boadicea Haranguing the Britons" by John Opie

“Boadicea Haranguing the Britons” by John Opie

Bodacious Boudicca was the queen of the Icini tribe in Briton (the area is called Norfolk now) in AD 60.

After her husband, King Prasutagus died, Roman publicani (crooked tax collectors) and loan sharks infested the land demanding MONEY $$. No frail flower, Boudicca knew she was being played and manipulated by Roman thugs so she voiced her objections—loudly!

The Roman response? Boudicca was flogged (whipped)  and her daughters publicly raped and beaten.

Rightly incensed at this atrocity, the red-head Boudicci gathered her warlike people and led them in a revolt against the Romans where she devastated the 9th Roman legion. How did they do this? The stealthy Celts engaged in guerrilla style warfare, moving quickly through the dense forests and taking the slow-moving Romans by surprise.

Victorious— but still pissed off—she advanced on London, a hub for Roman trade.B1

The numbers are suspect but Boudicci’s army reportedly slew over 70,000 Roman citizens who were living in London.

The tide soon turned and the growing revolt against the Roman interlopers ended in tragedy when the over-confident, ill-armed Celts could not withstand the highly-trained, well-equipped Roman forces. The massacre was  vicious— men, woman, and children–no one escaped the carnage.

Reports differ over the death of this warrior woman. Some say  Boudicci committed royal suicide by poison ( the rage at the time). Others contend she became sick and died.

Boudicca: Bold. Powerful. Determined. Courageous. Fierce.
Legendary Queen and Fearless Leader.

To learn more about this Fab Female check out the University of North Carolina’s website at http://www.unc.edu/celtic/catalogue/boudica/catalog.html

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Pinterest Convert

Short post today–I’m catching up on novel writing, picture pinning, and other author-ly stuff.

After a bit of hemming and hawing, I joined the ranks of the Pinterest groupies.  So far, I have 5 boards and plan to add more. It’s fun finding and pinning all the pictures for the different novels. Daphne’s clothes, the stones in the merkabah, her favorite coffee…a great tool for author and reader. Warning: One’s imagination is ever so much more powerful, so I won’t be too specific–we all have a vision of what S.J. might look like.

We loved picture books as children–we still do! Pinterest indulges our need for visual candy!


The “stuff I love” board is glimpse into L.Z.Marie’s head. It’s pretty tame at the moment, but has definite scary (or nerd) potential.

The “recipe” board will come in handy when the cooking/baking bug bites.

If you already have a Pinterest account, I would love you to follow me. There’s a link on the side bar (on laptop) or scroll down to end of page ( on iPad or iPhone.)

And of course, it goes without saying that I love when I get “Likes” on my Facebook page.

Note: If “it goes without saying” then why do people still say it?

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Happy Reading!

Chakra Chat

Chakras part 1

Chakras part 1

Chakra means wheel of light and refers to the energy that all life possesses and resonates.

The body has 7 distinct energy sources that reveal and control the emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental health.  Belief in these subtle forces originated thousands of years ago and are found in ancient Vedic texts ( Indian Sanskrit ). Whether you’re a skeptic or not, one thing is certain, science validates the existence of energy in all things. 

There are 7 chakra locations on our body: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, and crown. Each is responsible for a different energy and is linked with a specific music, shape, age,, element, gland, sense, crystal, plant, life issue, astrological sign, and angel.

For the chakra newbie, here’s a quick overview.

  • Muladhara: root chakra
    Location: Base of spine. Matures at age 7.
  • Concerned with integrity, ancestral attitudes, personal hardships, and family history.
  • A healthy root chakra is flexible, adaptable, focused, patient, and giving. It’s also the fight or flight energy. 
  • The positive archetype is the  Earth mother. The negative archetype is the victim.
  • Associated elements are: sage, musical note C, sense of smell, red, cinnamon oil, lead, ruby and hematite, percussion rhythms, and the Archangel Michael.
  • The positive archetype is the Mother, the negative archetype is the victim.


Svadhisthana:  sacral chakra
  • Location: Two inches below the naval and inside the pelvis. Matures by age 14.
  • Controls health. Responsible for controlling our sex drive, appetite, and need for giving and/or receiving  pleasure.
  • Requires food, sex, work, fun, and exercise.
  • Functions well if person believes they deserve good things in life.
  • Associated with musical note D, water, Latin dance, tiger’s eye and onyx, tin, color orange, jasmine,  yoga, and the archangel Metatron.
  • Positive archetype is the Emperor/Empress and the negative archetype is the  Martyr.

Manipura: solar plexus chakra

  • Location: Below sternum and over stomach. Matures between ages 12- 21.
  • Responsible for gut instinct and personal power. 
  • Concerned with finances, relationships, career, responsibility, and personal identity. Grows strong and resilient with challenges.
  • Associated with: musical note E, yellow, topaz and citrine, gold, competitive sports, and  carnation. 
  • The positive archetype is the warrior; the negative, the servant.


Anahata: heart chakra

  • Location: Middle of the chest. Matures between ages 28-35.
  • Responsible for creating loving and mature bonds.
  • Concerted with Peace, Love,Unity, and Joy. Requires sharing, touching, and establishing or maintaining personal connections.
  • Healthy when you are kind, accepting, and inclusive. Weak if you are withholding, judgmental, critical, and superficial.
  • Distress, pain, and loss cause the energy field to contract.
  • Aspects are: choir music, air, Venus, sun, gold, copper, peridot, diamond, deer, yoga, massage, and the archangel Raphael.

Vishuddha: throat chakra

  • Location: The throat. Matures between ages 35-40.
  •  Conduit to a higher spiritual realm, aka “The Mouth of God.”
  • Set free when you speak with integrity, humility,inspiration, and truth.
  • Weakened by unvoiced emotions ( fear, anger, and gossip), smoking, poor health, alcohol, and drugs.
  •  Associated with: musical note G, opera, hearing, aquamarine, turquoise, sparrow hawk, gardenia, chanting, fasting, and the archangel Gabriel.

Ajna: brow chakra

  • You’re familiar with this one–it’s the 3rd eye!  Location: Between the brows. Matures in  mid 30’s.
  • Responsible for spirituality, right thinking, discernment, maturity, analysis, andwisdom.
  • Helps the emotional, intuitive, and creative brain realize harmony.
  • Creates our reality—good or bad–and has the power to create misery or happiness.
  • Associated with: 5 point star, silver, Peru, sapphire, tanzanite, lapis lazuli, sweet pea, heliotrope, Mozart sonatas, musical note A, indigo, and the feminine face of God.
  • Positive archetypes include, Elders, philosophers,and wise ones.
  • Negative  archetypes include pedantic pedagogues and narrow-minded intellectuals.

Sahasrara: crown chakra

  • Location: Top of head. Matures during mid 40’s and later.
  • Responsible for spirituality, wisdom, discernment.
  • Concerned with personal and worldly insights. Embraced and cultivated by mystics and healers.
  • Requires rest, calm, balance, and inner peace to operate at full capacity. (I’m thinking this is only possible if teens have left the home).
  • Associated with: color violet, musical note B, alexandrite, amethyst, Indian raga, platinum, lotus flower,lavender oil, meditation, and prayer.
  • The Guru is the positive archetype, the Egoist, the negative.
















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Sacred Geometry

merkabahWhat’s a Merkabah? And how the heck do you pronounce it?

The word is pronounced with equal emphasis on each syllable:  Mer-kah-bah

This ancient geometry originated over 3 thousand years ago! Some believe the shape has Egyptian origins. The symbol is shrouded in mystery and attributed with supernatural (even divine) power.

The 3-D hexagon star is believed to have mystical powers that allow one to enter enlightenment, zen, achieve spiritual and/or physical ascension, or even experience cosmic transport!

In the Old Testament, Ezekiel claims he saw an actual merkabah in the heavens. The Merkabah is thought to encourage both transcendent and physical travel. Additional details about its mysteries and history are explained in The Merkabah Recruit.

A merkabah resembles a 3D star of David, but it’s often portrayed with  one or two spheres enclosing it.

One thing is certain, the enigmatic merkabah continues to be attributed with powerful elemental, cosmic, and divine forces. Maybe one day its true power will be revealed!