The verdant foliage at the spa.

The verdant foliage at the spa.

Some things never change! 2000 years ago, the ancient Romans cast off their tunics to luxuriate at the spa (aka, the Baths)  to gossip, drink wine, shop, and partake in an array of beauty rituals.


2013: We’re still doing the same thing. Oh sure, the products and services may have changed a wee bit, but the experience remains the same.

Ancient Romans bathed in 3 different pools–cold, warm, hot–covered their bodies in olive oil and had a slave scrape the skin clean. They used local clay as a sort of soap and were massaged by slaves.

OK, maybe a few things have changed, BUT the various pools, clay, and massage are identical.

Humans are predictable. Our luxuries and desires unchanged for thousands of years. On a recent trip to the spa I reflected on just this belief. ( I know, nerdy)

The following is a list of what to bring to maximize your spa experience (no toga or chariot required):

1. Friends and/or family: Better than social media, it’s social mudia! Nothing bonds quicker than a layer of mud between people. My advice: Leave the cell phone in the locker.

2. A sense of humor: Ego stays at home: A makeup-less face, mud-flecked hair, green goo-covered body, and matted hair strips you of all dignity.

3. Money: For indulging in all those extra beauty treatments and spa boutique purchases.

4. Trashy magazines: Excellent for poking fun at antics and fashion don’ts of the latest media darlings. Also acts as excellent 500 SPF sun block for face.

5. Gossip: What better way to wile away the time in the mineral baths, mud pond, moisture grotto, or lounge pool than a steady stream of trash talk about family and frenemies. ( It’s a word for a girl who is both friend + enemy= frenemy). It’s a girl thing!

Note: Romans got their juiciest gossip at the Baths! It was THE place for conspiracy and intrigue.

6. Sun screen: To block those warm Southern California rays.

7. Appetite: All that pampering produces a ravenous hunger.

8. Comb: Honestly, I forget one every single time. I drive home looking like a wild woman.

Did I leave anything out? Let me know!

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