gadget 2This is Hubby’s name for me. He calls me Gadget Girl whenever I bring home another useful time-saving device.They are not gadgets! They are essential tools necessary for food preparation, female beatification, and household maintenance. Gadgets! Hmph! Such a disdainful and demeaning term.

I need every single apparatus.

Every. Single. One.




gadgets stacked in the pantry

gadgets stacked in the pantry

Here’s the list of food prep must-haves!

  • For making dinner before leaving for work one needs a medium crock pot.
  • Large family gatherings require a large crock pot.
  • 2-pot crock pot-–sounds like a name of a rapper—is perfect for buffet-style family meals.
  • large roaster is great for cooking a small turkey or BBQ ribs enough to feed the gang.
  • The George Foreman grill makes a nice panini—which my son tells me I need to make for him.
  • Every penny spent on the Kitchen Aid mixer was well worth it. Cupakes? Bam! Done.
  • Fresh pesto, salsa, or fruit purees require a mini food processor. 
  • By far the oldest—over 20 yrs—gadget in the pantry is the large food processor. It lasted longer than my first two marriages combined!
  • Smoothies and margaritas require a blender.
  • When the inner barista strikes, I get out the frother: Mine only works with skim milk.
  • Puleeze…a toaster/oven hardly qualifies as a gadget
  • For the one day a year when we need to carve the turkey,  I keep the electric dual action knives: The official turkey carving gadget.
  • Hubby’s favorite gadget is the knife sharpener: It’s his manly job! Grunt! He enjoys sharpening knives when my daughters bring home a new boyfriend.
  • A late-night internet purchase was the Yonana, a gadget that turns frozen bananas into an ice cream-like treat. Didn’t use it last year. But this year for sure!
  • Twice a year I break out the waffle iron for breakfast.
  •  Once a year I drag the Pizzelle iron from the depths of the pantry to make the divine Italian cookie by the same name.
  • Couldn’t live without the large electric fry pan.
  • Hubby’s “immediate” family is 50-people strong. The 80-cup electric coffee maker was a “coffee-anyone?” smart investment.
  • When I’m too lazy to drive to Starbucks I use the Krups coffee maker.
  • This jet engine-sounding machine was lots of money, but worth it. You can’t beat the organic-tastic taste and vitamins of veggie juice from the Juicer. I use it daily, sometimes twice a day.
  • Folks living in SoCal need an orange juicer.We need to do something with all the lemons, grapefruits, and oranges in the backyard.
  • This gadget is so old, they don’t even make that color plastic anymore, but I hold on to the hand held mixer for the memories.
  • Once upon a time, I ground coffee beans, now the coffee bean grinder is used to grind nuts.
 I got rid of the ice cream maker and bread machine years ago.
Is that a lot of stuff? Or do I need to open a restaurant?
 Household maintenance
  • The steamer is required for curtains and delicate fabrics.
  • Everyone in the house uses the Dustbuster—even Hubby.
  • ( a vacuum is not a gadget)
After all that time spent in the kitchen a gal needs to use her beauty gadgets!  There’s the essential can’t-do-without blow dryer, as well as the waving iron, 2 flat irons—I can never find the perfect one, but I’ll save that for another post–¼ inch curling iron, ½ inch curling iron,1 inch curling iron, 2 inch curling iron, 2 sets of steam rollers, and the Clarisonic brush. ( I have 2 daughters—don’t judge.)
I don’t know what happened to the crimper and I gave away the foot massager.
Do I have too many gadgets?
What’s your favorite gadget?
Which ones do you keep around for no good reason at all?

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