Ice cream, ice cream, creamy and sweet                                           nothin’  better to beat the heat.                                       Chocolate, strawberry, mocha, and praline                               no way to eat a bowl and still stay lean.


Whipped cream, cherry, hot fudge, and some nuts
all those calories go straight to the butt.
Frozen yogurt just ain’t the same
no matter what the fancy pants name.


Frozen banana, oh please, too healthy
and it doesn’t have that same smooth melty.
One scoop, two scoops, three scoops– of bliss!
A day without ice cream is sorely missed!


A la mode  or atop a slice of cake
fried, melted, or Alaskan Baked
adding a scoop is never wrong.
cuz it has calcium, so you’ll grow up strong!


Coldstone, Haagen dazs, Ben & Jerry’s, and more
with all those flavors you’ll never get bored!
Ice cream sandwiches, cones, bars, and cakes
Always chose ice cream over a steak.


ice cream 2So bring on the carton when you’re feeling blue                                                                      or need to celebrate, or haven’t a clue.   Feed it to  the children, grandparents, and  teens                                                           because everyone everyone loves ice cream.


Note: My sincere condolences to the lactose intolerant!


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