Writers tend to stay in a seated position for hours while working, therefore it’s critical  to move our body. Exercise gets our blood moving, which in turn helps us ponder plot flaws, create characters, and dig deep into the depths of our emotions. And no! Lifting coffee or moving your mouse is NOT considered exercise.

In addition, certain movements reduce cortisol ( the stress hormone ) and increase testosterone ( the fearless hormone).

Here’s a few poses that may help reduce writer’s block and writer’s derriere.
( As with any exercise program be sure to check with your physician before beginning—yada yada)


Seated meditation: Good for going deep inside your brain while visualizing a scene or  imagining dialog.


Down dog: Use after receiving the sorry-your-manuscript-is-not-what-we’re-looking-for rejection letter. Hold position until you are brave enough to query again or your arms give out.


Plank: Excellent way of keeping your fingers away from the keyboard when someone posts something stupid or insulting on social media. Maintain position until you no longer feel the urge to reply or comment.


Forward roll: Effective when someone tells you they didn’t like your protagonist. The head to knee position is a great way to disguise your tears.


Leg high: Best way to make certain all the blood flows directly to your brain. This position not only gives you a brain boost it will help you describe pain.

leg up

 Tree: Effective way to come down from your caffeine high. Maintain very cool looking Zen-like position until your coffee is cold, then add ice cubes for a refreshing pick-me-up.


Warrior: Perfect pose to assume after completing a tough chapter or difficult scene.


Child: Great for stretching out your back and legs. Also good for giving thanks to your editor.


Plough: Beneficial pose when you have writer’s block. Hold position until you can think of something—ANYTHING— to get out of this ridiculous and embarrassing position.


Mountain pose: A fabulous way to give thanks to the Writing Gods when an agent asks to see a full manuscript. Also great for stretching out those hunched-over-the-keyboard back problems.


So stretch out those limbs and embrace the creative power poses!
Hugs and kisses to my daughter for being a good sport about the photos!
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