hemingwayIn the old days, writers discussed literature on the Left Bank—which would be a great name for Hipster Coffee Shop—smoked cigarettes and possibly used words like gestalt and hamartia.

Today, we hunker down with our laptops, talk literature via Social Media, drink coffee, and spout words like algorithms and platfom-building.

The Language of Literature may have changed, but the Language of Love remains the same. And so does the problem of what gift to get your Significant Writer Other for Valentine’s day.

Here’s a list of suggestions to give your honey.

From cheapest ..um, I mean least expensive to the dream-worthy!

1. FREE  Admiration and respect for your writing passion.


2. $ Computer screen wipes.

computer wipesjpg

3. $ Keyboard protector. Great for the coffee-drinking crumb-dropping writer.

keyboard pr

4. $ White board and dry erase markers.


5. $ Mini notebooks for jotting down FABULOUS ideas.

mini notebook jpg

6. $$ A ream of paper for printing out drafts and pens for making corrections.

paper pens

7. $–$$$  Starbucks card

starbucks card


8. $$—$$$ Software for Writers—Dragon, Editing, or Photoshop for the Indie Author who  does it all.


9. $$$ Writer’s conference. Send your loved one away for a weekend where he/she can commiserate with other writers, swap writing horror stories, and listen to inspirational tales of success.


10: $$$ Money to hire a graphic designer.

graphic designer


11. $,$$$ Money to pay for a professional editor.



12: $$$ per week: A maid, preferably someone exactly like  Alice from The Brady Bunch.


13: $, $$$, $$$  Fabulous room overlooking <insert setting of choice> view that no one can enter without prior permission.

housePrint out a copy and leave it where your Thoughtful Someone will see it.

Valentine's day

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