I attended the San Francisco Writers conference. The break-out

SRWC13 was held at the gorgeous Mark Hopkins Intercontinental in Nob Hill.

SRWC13 was held at the gorgeous Mark Hopkins Intercontinental in Nob Hill.

sessions were: Fabulous! Entertaining! Informative! Revealing! The speakers inspiring!

The downside to attending such a great conference?   My brain is jammed with “must-dos.”  NOW!

Not only is my list a mile long—not an exaggeration—but so many of the actions must be done FIRST!

What’s an author to do if everything feels like a priority!!!!

Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

Below is my Top 10 Things To Do After a Writers Conference.

1. Make coffee! I wish Starbucks delivered or had a truck like the Ice Cream Man!

2. Sort business cards into 2 piles: New writer friends and publishers/editors/agents.

thoth3. Edit ( for the bazillionith time)  the first 10 pages of novel. Improve it! Make appropriate sacrifices to Thoth- Egyptian god of writing.

4. Print 1st few chapters for writer friends to find typos you no longer see.

5. Allocate website and social media improvements tasks into 15 minute increments.

6. Engage in social media only during down times.(No, not your mood but while running errands, waiting in line, eating, walking the dog)

7. Review query and synopsis ( for the qaudrillionith time). Improve it!

8. Send/email requests for your MS.

9. Sort conference handouts accordingly. For me, that’s platform-building and novel/craft info. Highlight important info/websites.

10. Continue building platform through website improvements and social media while waiting for good news. ( The Power of Positive Thinking!)

OK! That’s my top 10 things to do after a writer’s conference. Guess what? Now I have to do ’em!

Post script: I wrote the above blog almost a year ago. I continue to make improvements, refining my bio, promotions, social media sites. At first, it was a daunting task, but now I’ve gotten into the groove. You can find me at:

Take a deep breath and dive in Writer friends!

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