At a fabulous party the other day, a good looking someone claimed he was a “warranty analyst” when I asked what he did for a living.
“What’s that?” I inquired seeking clarification.
The person hemmed and hawed; I remained clueless. Customer service, perhaps?


I didn’t ask…however, I returned his pompous job title and vague explanation with one of my own. “I’m a fiction facilitator by night and education activist by day.”


Do I need to say the person promptly walked away in a huff!
The following day, I told my students they were “knowledge organizers.” They liked the sound of that.

In today’s world of political correctness and self-esteem pandering is it any wonder we have so many pretentious job titles?

Here’s a few other pompous titles:
Canine companion= dog owner
Communication cohort= friend
Entertainment analyst= jobless 18 yr old
sanctioned bloviater=attorney
nail technician= manicurist
food expediter=fast food worker
Inflate your job title! 
Do you have any other examples? Please share!
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