scream2Single Sentence Stories of a Scribbler’s Sinister Situations!

1. You pitch to an agent at a conference for the first time! Gulp!

2. You pitch a series at a conference so effectively the agent asks for the 6-book series synopsis, but you have only one book written and vague plot ideas for the next five. Yikes!

3. You forget to save your draft one night, only to find your computer became infected with a virus and everything is GONE! Nooooooo!

4. A beta reader finds a plot flaw. Whaaaaaaaat ?!

5. You spill coffee on your laptop and must write on your iPad until the keyboard is replaced. %#!@(*&%^

6. You write your first query. Eeeeekkk !

7. You write your first synopsis.  *&%#!*B%S@

8. You reread and edit your query for the billionth time, hit the SEND key and realize–Nooooo—there’s a typo.

9. You wrote so many versions of your query that you no longer have any idea whatsoever which is best. Ummmmm…

10. A book reviewer/blogger agrees to read your novel and now you must wait patiently…and pray to the novel god,Thoth, that they like it. Egads!

11. The person sitting next to you at a conference laughs obnoxiously and inappropriately  loud, and people think it’s you! CRINGE!

12. You realize family obligations during the weekend will prevent you from writing anything at all! THE HORROR !

13. You haven’t the faintest idea the subject of your next blog and it’s due tomorrow! Cower!

14: You’re waiting to hear back from an agent/editor/publisher. YIKES!

These are all true tales of terror. What are YOURS?

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