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Paranormal Palooza

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Question I’m most often asked: “What facts are real in the novel and which are products of your imagination?”

An ancient geometry. Three gruesome murders. One reluctant heroine.

Legends, lies, and mystical mayhem thwart an empathic professor’s attempt to solve paranormal crimes.

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Mystical—Paranormal—Historical—New Age—SciFi—Romance—Mystery

Truth be told—it just doesn’t fit into a single genre! It’s genre-busting! 

THE MERKABAH RECRUIT is the 1st in a 5-part series about an empathic professor who discovers the shadowy line between myth and cosmic reality when she is hired to work for an age-old occult organization. Embracing New Age, ancient history, myths, and science, the novel explores a world of infinite wonder and possibility.

Because the novel mixes many historical, religious, mystical, and scientific elements together, I’m often asked, “What’s real and which are products of your imagination?”

 Here’s a few teasing tidbits about what is REAL: 

These individuals actually feel the emotions of others. They are emotional sponges and can be highly sensitive to sound, smell, color, and cosmic energy. They instinctively know when someone is lying, may be clairvoyant, and experience the physical pain of others.Most of us are empathic to some extent.


 Merkabah :
It’s an ancient geometry and spiritual tool found in many religions.

The word comes from Egyptian texts and each syllable has a specific meaning.

  • Mer—inner  light
  • Ka–spirit or character
  • Bah—physical body
Definitions vary:
  • Chariot of Ascension
  • Angel of the Chariot—the cheribum
  • Cart to ride in
  • Throne of God or chariot—Hebrew)
  • Ship—Arabic
  • Trans dimensional vehicle—a few African religions


 A chakra is the wheel of light spinning around you. Created by the vortex of magnetic earth energies and electric cosmos energies, the convergences of these energies form your personal chakra or personal energy.


 Dark Matter/Quantum Physics:

 84% of the matter in the world is comprised of dark matter! It’s an energy force that explains phenomena like the migratory behavior in the animal kingdom, cosmic events (black holes), and unexplained anomalies in the world—perhaps, ghosts, spirits, angels, myths, and other dimensions.



Pinterest Convert

Short post today–I’m catching up on novel writing, picture pinning, and other author-ly stuff.

After a bit of hemming and hawing, I joined the ranks of the Pinterest groupies.  So far, I have 5 boards and plan to add more. It’s fun finding and pinning all the pictures for the different novels. Daphne’s clothes, the stones in the merkabah, her favorite coffee…a great tool for author and reader. Warning: One’s imagination is ever so much more powerful, so I won’t be too specific–we all have a vision of what S.J. might look like.

We loved picture books as children–we still do! Pinterest indulges our need for visual candy!


The “stuff I love” board is glimpse into L.Z.Marie’s head. It’s pretty tame at the moment, but has definite scary (or nerd) potential.

The “recipe” board will come in handy when the cooking/baking bug bites.

If you already have a Pinterest account, I would love you to follow me. There’s a link on the side bar (on laptop) or scroll down to end of page ( on iPad or iPhone.)

And of course, it goes without saying that I love when I get “Likes” on my Facebook page.

Note: If “it goes without saying” then why do people still say it?

The next free e-copy giveaway of The Merkabah Recruit is February 16th and 17th. (President’s Day is the 18th).

If you don’t have a Kindle, but you do have an iPad, just google Kindle for iPad and download the app! It’a free! Now you can download bazillions of Kindle books at a fraction of the cost of paperback or hardback. And you can take advantage of the many free ebooks  Amazon offers–like mine!

My daughter has a Kindle app on her iPhone and there are also Kindle app for PC, Android, Blackberry, and MAC.

Happy Reading!

Sacred Geometry

merkabahWhat’s a Merkabah? And how the heck do you pronounce it?

The word is pronounced with equal emphasis on each syllable:  Mer-kah-bah

This ancient geometry originated over 3 thousand years ago! Some believe the shape has Egyptian origins. The symbol is shrouded in mystery and attributed with supernatural (even divine) power.

The 3-D hexagon star is believed to have mystical powers that allow one to enter enlightenment, zen, achieve spiritual and/or physical ascension, or even experience cosmic transport!

In the Old Testament, Ezekiel claims he saw an actual merkabah in the heavens. The Merkabah is thought to encourage both transcendent and physical travel. Additional details about its mysteries and history are explained in The Merkabah Recruit.

A merkabah resembles a 3D star of David, but it’s often portrayed with  one or two spheres enclosing it.

One thing is certain, the enigmatic merkabah continues to be attributed with powerful elemental, cosmic, and divine forces. Maybe one day its true power will be revealed!


Novel Wednesday: What do ghosts & dark matter have in common?

Got ghosts?  Do you believe in ghosts? Ever seen one? Ever feel the sudden chill—get the distinct impression some otherworldly entity is standing beside you? (no, not your teenager)

Admit it! Forces from the “other side” and the spirit realm intrigue and mystify! Why else would there be so many mediums (Ouija boards), novels, books ( hello, Sylvia Brown) TV shows, documentaries, and movies about spirits from the netherworld.

How does this connect to dark matter? Did you know that  84% of the matter in the world is comprised of dark matter! It’s a little-understood energy force that explains phenomena like migratory behavior in the animal kingdom, cosmic events (black holes), and unexplained anomalies in the world—perhaps, even ghosts and spirits.

I purchased the 99 cent Ghost Radar app for my phone. Talk about scary!  My kids won’t let me use it in the house anymore. They didn’t see the “fun” in this entertaining app.

On a recent trip to Hearst Castle, the ghost radar went crazy in the famous pool room. I never saw so many yellow, green, and red lights on the screen before. Say what you will—that ghost app was reading something!  But what?

Info about the Ghost Radar app claims it reads electromagnetic fields and various vibrations. Of course, that would require more sophisticated technological upgrades than possible in your lil’ ol’ phone. But if you read the testimonials—very freaky.

A red dot indicates a spirit was next to me–yesterday afternoon!

A word of caution: Don’t use your ghost app when you’re in an “official” haunted house.

Quick story: The first bona fide ghostly presence I really truly felt—frigid air, icy pins & needles—was at my brother’s home in Salt Lake City, Utah. Little did he know, he rented a house where an elderly woman was beaten, raped, and killed few years prior. Now, my bother’s a macho dude and not likely to believe in ghosts—but he swore he felt a presence not soon after moving in. His 2 large hunting dogs were spooked, too—and you know dogs just sense these things! ( dark matter, perhaps?)

My brother asked me to use the ghost app in his house. I’ll skip the creepy details ( save that story for another blog)—but let’s just say, I hightailed it on out of there as soon as possible. Even he was a bit shook up—in an alpha-male kinda way.

My husband swears there’s a ghost in our house. I agree; I think the phantom’s a relative of mine. The spirit taps him awake when he falls asleep on the couch and lets the dog out of her kennel (no way the little pooch can lift a latch).

What’s on your ghost radar? And what is the app really reading?

What’s the dark matter connection to my novel? The mysteries of dark matter are explored in The Merkabah Recruit, where myth, history, and science collide!

Just 2 of the articles used while doing research for The Merkabah Recruit


Novel Wednesday

Myth and history collide  in my novel, The Merkabah Recruit. Often times, they are rooted and merged so deeply in ancient history and culture we can’t figure where one ends and the other begins. Add modern science to the mix and those fantastical myths are now explainable!

I’m not pushing my novel today, but just want to remind you how deeply ingrained our earliest mythology  is.

 What’s your favorite mythological creatures? Don’t know any? Sure, you do!

Here is one of my favorites.

The Harpy! Hailing back to ancient Greece, these creatures were a fusion of bird and woman—portrayed either as ugly or beautiful.

They were ravenously hungry (aren’t all women on diets?) and stole food before  fouling the area with their excrement (really hope that’s some kind of Greek metaphor).

To call a woman a “harpy” today is a total slam! Instantly a nagging, scolding, annoying ugly woman comes to mind!

I took a poll of under-thirty somethings–to my surprise they all knew what a harpy was–although they claimed they hated Greek mythology in high school and–even more surprising–laughed or snickered  when they heard the word used to describe a woman.

Which is the worse insult? Biddy or harpy?