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Symbolic Geometry

shapes1Circles and squares and triangles and stars, oh my! No, this is not a post about your sugariffic breakfast cereal but about the symbolic—often esoteric—power of shapes. Before man carved pictographs and told the Gods’ tales in cuneiform, the meanings of shapes denoted meanings and were imbued with mystical power.

The following is a blog-quick look at a few common shapes.

  • universal symbol of completeness and perfection
  • God
  • the sphere of Heaven
  • circle of life
  • movements of the stars and heavens
  • Hindus and Buddhists associate it with birth, death, and rebirth
  • Wheel of law in Buddhism
  • A round table ( early management style first practiced by the legendary King Arthur ) denotes equality—all stakeholders having an equal share in solving a problem
  • Dante saw Hell as a series of concentric circles
  • A ring denotes a pledge or promise
  • a sphere represents the spiritual aspect of Heaven/Universe, which is why domes top many religious buildings
  • spirals are symbolic of energy
  • spirals drawn in a woman’s womb indicate fertility
  • the helix is also a fertility symbol and the double helix has become the visual representation of DNA—guess those ancients were on to something
Triangles—associated with the number 3
  • beginning, middle, and end
  • trinities of gods
  • body, soul, and spirit
  • man, woman, and child
  • an upward-pointing equilateral triage represents the male organ
  • fire
  • a down-ward pointing triangle is the symbol for a woman or her womanly parts
  • water
  • the base of a pyramid represents the earth; the apex, heaven
  • a pausing or suspension—not necessarily associated with negative aspects
  • stability
  • lasting perfection
  • the four directions
  • In Islam it represents the heart’s susceptibility to the divine, angelic, human, and diabolic forces
  • square halos in Christian art indicates the person was alive when painted
  • a cube is symbolic of the material universe
  • wisdom, veracity, and moral fortitude
  • the cloistered courtyard of religious structures indicate endurance and security
  • wisdom
  • spiritual counsel or advice
  • light of wisdom shining in the dark ( sinful ) world
  • mythological figures or deities
  • the dead
  • the Star of Bethlehem symbolizes Christ’s birth
  • the 5-pointed pentagram  pointed upward represents a human ( the top point is the head, 2 arms on the side points, 2 legs of the downward facing point )
  • flip the pentagram around and it’s the sign of the Devil—the two upward pointing points becoming the  Devil’s horns
  • the 6-pointed hexagram—2 interlocking triangles— is symbolic of: 1) the conjoining of male and female; 2) the four elements; 3) Star of David; and 4) Judaism
  • the merkabah is an ancient geometry dating back 3 thousand years. Some believe the shape has Egyptian origins. The symbol is shrouded in mystery and attributed with supernatural ( even divine ) power that allows one to enter enlightenment, zen, achieve spiritual and/or physical ascension, or even experience cosmic transport!
  • the 7-pointed heptagram is: 1) a magic symbol for pagans; 2) symbolic of the 7 days of creation; and 3) the 7 steps of enlightenment for Buddhists
Crosses—I could do another blog about the many different types of crosses—and probably will
  • Christianity
  • the shape predates Christianity
  • sacred shape to Ancient Egyptians  and Aztecs
  • more to come on crosses
Mandala—not a shape per se but a pattern
  • search for inner peace or spiritual enlightenment
  • pathway to the Divine or God
  • a symbolic trap for malevolent spirits
  • used as a tool or focal point in meditation
  • universe

mandala1A giant thank you to Sue O’Kieffe for allowing me to post her mandalas. For more of her gorgeous Sacred Circles click HERE.


Have fun shaping up that novel!


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Merkabah Facts

merkabahThe most frequent question I’m asked
is “What’s a Merkabah?”

The short answer: The Merkabah is an ancient geometry and spiritual tool found in many religions.

Pronounce it as though each syllable was its own word:  Mer …..kah….bah.

The word comes from ancient Egyptian texts and each syllable has a specific meaning.

  • Mer— inner light
  • Ka—spirit or character
  • Bah- physical body

Here’s a few definitions:

  • Chariot of Ascension
  • Angel of the Chariot ( the cheribum)
  • Cart to ride in
  • Throne of God or chariot  ( Hebrew)
  • Ship—(Arabic)
A spiritual ascension
Inter-dimensional travel

merkabah EzekielMerkabah facts:

  • Jewish mystics believe the prophet Ezekiel witnessed the might of the Merkabah. He claimed it was made of angels, and their faces resembled an eagle, a man, a lion, and an ox. There’s a wonderful interpretation of his vision  at St John the Baptist church in Kratova, Republic of Macedonia
  • The Old Testament refers to its divine powers when it appears to take Elijah in a whirlwind.
  • Followers of the Talmud (mystical interpretation of the Old Testament)  are forbidden to speak of the merkabah or its powers. Rabbi Moshe be maimon—Maimonides—a Jewish Talmud scholar who lived during the Middle ages, warns that only those who are wise, self-possessed, and spiritually strong should be given knowledge of the Merkabah.
  • There  are 8 Merkabah Angels who represent the 6 classes of angels—the galgallim, the hayyoth, the ofanim, and the seraphim. Their names are Anafiel, Galgaliel, Rikbiel, Sopheriel, Soqed Hozi , and 3 others.
  • Some believe the Merkabah is a complex analogy about man and his interactions with the world
  • A few tribes in Africa believe the Merkabah is an intergalactic, time-jumping medium to a higher or lower plane of existence


Merkabah Spirituality

  • Imagined as a rotating field of light that impacts both  body and mind
  • Generates a higher personal magnetic field
  • Produces powerful thoughts and feelings
  • A living field of light
  • Possesses the ability for one to travel within dimensions.

NOTE: This is not an uncommon concept. Most religions, even Christianity, recount stories of people physically manifesting in another place or time.

  • Accessed through fasting, meditation, and breath control


One thing is for certain. The Merkabah is steeped in mystery, its power and divinity lost in ancient texts and buried in the sands of time.

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