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Didn’t wake up early, kept pressing snooze
can’t find nothin’ to wear, didn’t have the right shoes
didn’t remember to defrost dinner for tonight
didn’t remember to turn off
the back porch light.


Didn’t eat a good breakfast, pack a bagel for the drive,
didn’t brew my coffee, stop at Starbucks–it’s no lie.
Pass a slowpoke on the freeway, but get stuck behind a truck
gonna be late for work,
of all the dumb luck.


Swerve into the parking space, check the rearview mirror to be sure
Notice I forgot my earrings, before running out the door.
Flop down on the anti-ergonomic chair, watch the inbox explode
With questions, demands, and concerns.
One is written in code.


Didn’t tackle the pile of work that’s 3-days late
Sip on my latte, while my mind endures a psychological debate.
Dribble coffee on my blouse, while with technology I fight
Didn’t find the problem,
Cuz the computer’s always right.


Inhale  my sandwich, didn’t taste it at all
while workin’ through lunch and didn’t return a call.
I need..I want…I forgot…Do you have?
Are frequent  questions
That aren’t all that bad.


Didn’t finish all the work I thought should get done
Didn’t make any plans tonight to have a little fun.
Didn’t have time to find a wee slice of  Zen
Didn’t have time to clean, cook, sew, or mend.


Didn’t do this.
Didn’t do that.
Too much to do,
Ain’t that a fact!


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Mom’s Obstacle Course

Wake up in the morning, ready to go
got lots to do, can’t start off  slow.
With only twenty-four hours
I’m gonna need some super powers!


Race downstairs, laundry in my arms
before I even hear the sound of the alarm.
Throw the pile of duds in the washing machine,
but forgot the shirt that was stained green.


Before returning upstairs, I spy a package nearby
so I scope it up with a very loud sigh.
Toss it in kid’s room, then stand in the hall.
Wonder why I was up here–oh! bugger all!
Jog downstairs, now what was I doing?
guess I better start the coffee to brewing.
Pour a cup of coffee, eat a bite of toast
oops, maybe I better defrost that roast.


Look for the crock pot, see the dog food instead
fill the pooch’s bowl so she can be fed.
Would like to read the recipe for tonight’s meal
but can’t locate my glasses, what an ordeal!
Find ’em atop a stack of mail,
get a paper cut and break a nail.
Nothin’ like sorting through bills
for good times and a  financial  thrill!


Laundry, errands, cleaning, and chores
with so much to do, I’m never bored.
Leaping and skipping from task to task
never remember what I did last.
I’m a multi-tasking flunky, who needs to cut back.
Errands and chores are nothin’ but overachiever’s crack!
Must take some time to enjoy a healthy fruit snack.


The day is over, I still have lots to do
tomorrow’s another day of chore deja vu.


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48 hrs but 100 hrs of stuff to do

This weekend, I will be researching for my next novel and probably

Seeing my Christmas tree reminds me to get shopping!

begging Hubby and son to put up the Christmas lights. I may also squeeze in some Holiday shopping and cookie baking.

If you need a funny pick-me-up please visit Kristen Lamb’s blog and read about her Guilt Trip–a topic to which every working mom (no matter if you work at home, in the office, or both) will relate!

See you soon.