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Didn’t wake up early, kept pressing snooze
can’t find nothin’ to wear, didn’t have the right shoes
didn’t remember to defrost dinner for tonight
didn’t remember to turn off
the back porch light.


Didn’t eat a good breakfast, pack a bagel for the drive,
didn’t brew my coffee, stop at Starbucks–it’s no lie.
Pass a slowpoke on the freeway, but get stuck behind a truck
gonna be late for work,
of all the dumb luck.


Swerve into the parking space, check the rearview mirror to be sure
Notice I forgot my earrings, before running out the door.
Flop down on the anti-ergonomic chair, watch the inbox explode
With questions, demands, and concerns.
One is written in code.


Didn’t tackle the pile of work that’s 3-days late
Sip on my latte, while my mind endures a psychological debate.
Dribble coffee on my blouse, while with technology I fight
Didn’t find the problem,
Cuz the computer’s always right.


Inhale  my sandwich, didn’t taste it at all
while workin’ through lunch and didn’t return a call.
I need..I want…I forgot…Do you have?
Are frequent  questions
That aren’t all that bad.


Didn’t finish all the work I thought should get done
Didn’t make any plans tonight to have a little fun.
Didn’t have time to find a wee slice of  Zen
Didn’t have time to clean, cook, sew, or mend.


Didn’t do this.
Didn’t do that.
Too much to do,
Ain’t that a fact!


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