sushi1The whole family loves sushi! Raw fish. Seaweed. Rice. Crisp veggies! Udon soup. What’s not to love?  The local sushi place is nearby and quite good. I tell Hubby it’s our job as Americans to promote small businesses, so we eat there once a week.

When the kiddos deign to join us, we request a table, but when it’s just me and Hubby, nothing beats a seat at the sushi bar.

A few sushi bar musings:

  • The sushi chef becomes your new best friend! And he really likes you if you order him a quail egg shooter.
  • I wonder what the sushi chef’s real name is–cuz it ain’t Bruce!
  • We’re more likely to try a new roll if the person next to us is eating it.
  • Any item with the word volcano in it has to be good.
  • Two types of people hang out at the sushi bar.                                                             1. Those who talk and laugh with the strangers sitting next to them.                                       2. Those who give dirty looks. ( get a table, grouchy people )
sushi 2Case in point: I asked the woman with a plate of green slimy stuff, “Which seaweed salad is that? It looks delicious!”                                       She looked up, did one of those side- way eye rolls, and resumed eating. A total blow-off  or “dis” as my students say.


  • The slice of the sushi roll is always too big for one (normal) sized mouth.
  • What are the sushi chefs really yelling about?
  • Just how big of a rice bin is under the counter? I have yet to see it refilled.
  • We’ll eat anything if it’s rolled in rice and resembles a work of art!
  • Hubby orders an embarrassing amount of food.
  • I eat less because it’s difficult to shovel food in your mouth with chopsticks. (Hubby asks for a fork–the horror!)
  • There’s something very dainty and refined about picking up a single grain of rice with chopsticks.
  • It’s great fun to take a sushi virgin and  watch them eat the “avocodo” (aka: wasabi).
  • All chopsticks can NOT be broken apart.
  • They never give you enough edamame
  • Edamame doubles as pea shooters.
  • I’m a ginger junkie.

Do you have any sushi musings or stories to share?

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