imagesIt’s the last prom dress I’ll ever buy. sniff sniff. And I’ve bought quite a few.


Shopping for a prom dress with mom is such a drag
nothin’ but hours of nag nag nag,
I need her to finance this wispy little dress
so I just smile real big and give her my best.
She stares at the beading, pulls, and yanks
claims this dress will break the bank.
She says it’s too loose and this one’s too tight
the gown never seems to fit just right.
I love it! I want it! Just buy it for me.
Instead I hug her and don’t disagree.


Shopping for a prom dress with my daughter is fun
from store to store we happily run.
Not one is perfect, not one meets my demands
cause doesn’t she know, I’m her biggest fan?
I show her the dress cleavage  test
and help find the one that makes her look the best.
I pull on the straps, tug at the seams
she’s so beautiful–she looks like a dream.
My little girl–all grown up
she doesn’t suspect I’m about to choke up.
And when she says she needs matching heels
she’s got no idea how sweet her appeal!


Prom gowns, dance dresses, the short and the long
 in a blink of an eye, those days are soon gone!
Maxi’s, chiffon, rhinestone, and mini’s
Was I ever that tiny, so young,and so skinny?


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