Confessions of a Multi-tasking Flunky

Carpe latte3Life moves at warp speed. Multi-tasking skills are required to keep up with everything! Writing-Blogging-Teaching, the hours dash by in a frantic blur.

I try to multi-task, but end up making more work for myself.  Frequent do-overs are required, which is sooo not efficient! I can’t be the only one who fails at effective multi-tasking, right?

Here’s a quick list of dumb stuff I do while thinking-plotting-talking- writing-blogging- texting- posting-tweeting-creating.

  • Applying hand lotion before walking out the door–oops! Can’t turn the doorknob!
  • Not checking to see if reading glasses are in my purse before leaving the house—nah, I didn’t need to read anything today.
  • Putting a meal in the oven only to forget about it while completing other tasks. “What’s burning?” Aw, damn!
  • Never remembering if I closed the garage door and looping the neighborhood to find out.
  • Forgetting to include the email attachment before hitting SEND.
  • Leaving the grocery list at home. (A photographic memory would come in handy.)
  • Neglecting to hit SEND on a text, then wondering why the recipient didn’t reply.
  • Forgetting to gas the car after work, which means filling it at 6 am.
  • Asking someone a question and not listening to the answer.
  • Looking for reading glasses—that are on my head.
  • Taking leftovers home, shoving them in the fridge, and never eating them.
  • Writing to-do lists and promptly misplacing them.
  • Putting a load of clothes in the wash and leaving it there for days.
  • Misplacing the cell phone. I wonder if there is Clapper app I could install?
  • Neglecting to transfer the important items when changing my purse–like my house key.
  • Never tightening the lid on the water bottle. This is the most expensive misstep of all because the technology goes for a refreshing dip and Apple gets more of my money.

Hubby and kiddos could probably add a few others—and they tried—but my snippy-sassy reply just sent them running!

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