lie detectorDid you hear about the Lynchburg, Virginia teacher who used a Smart Phone lie detector app to find out which of her 3rd graders stole some Valentine’s Day candy?

A lie detector app for your phone is only for F-U-N. Fun, people!  Real lie detectors are administered by trained professionals and, even then, the machine isn’t 100% accurate.

But what if there was an authentic app that really, really validated your suspicions that someone was lying to you? When might you use it? Any special people you might need to use it on?

I know precisely when I would pull out the Smart Phone and say, “Put your thumb on the screen!”

I would use the lie detector app after someone made the following statement:

  • 1. “You look great!”
  • 2. “I don’t have any homework.”
  • 3.”That shirt will go with everything.”
  • 4. “This is the lowest price we can give you.”
  • 5. “Oh, I’m sorry, we’re busy that day.”
  • 6. “Mom, if there were drugs and alcohol at the party, I would have left.”
  • 7. “It wasn’t my fault.”
  • 8. “We would have been on time but traffic was a nightmare.”
  • 9. “It’s very easy to assemble.”
  • 10. “The doctor will be with you shortly.”
  • 11. “I’ll have that paperwork for you tomorrow.”
  • 12. “I thought I paid that bill.”
  • 13. “I forgot.”
  • 14. “The green was really crowded today.”
  • 15. “No honey, these are not new shoes, you just never noticed them before.” ( oh,wait–I’m not going to use the app on myself!)

lie detector false readingOf course, maybe you don’t have to use a lie detector. Maybe your own powers of observation and intuition reveal when the kiddos or spouse are trying to pull one over on you.

I can tell when my children are lying–each have certain mannerisms, intonations etc that clue me in…but since they all read my blog I will not reveal my methods!!! ( Sorry, kids)

If you don’t have a lie detector handy, here are the real signs that someone is lying (works best if you know the person):

  • Higher pitched voice
  • Clearing throat,  umms, hesitations
  • A pronounced lilt at the end of the sentence
  • Shorter replies
  • Changing tenses, repeating oneself
  • Using words like everyone, everybody, always, never ( used by teens everywhere!)
  • Increased swallowing
  • Perspiration on upper lip
  • Colloidal artery throbbing (in the neck)
  • Blinking more than usual
  • Putting hands/fingers to one’s mouth
  • Touching one’s nose
  • Either an increase or decrease in body movements
  • Saying yes but shaking head no, and visa a versa (words don’t match gestures)
  • Either increased or decreased eye contact ( some people think if they stare  you will mistake this for honesty—it’s usually a ploy or an intimidation tactic)
  • Doing something distracting to buy more time while they think of a response ( cough, look at phone, pet the dog)

For a laugh, check out Jimmy Kimmel: Lie Detector video.


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