diamondGals love jewels. Sparkly. Glittery. Shiny. Flashy indicators of wealth. Of marital status. Of culture. Of group affiliation.

And laden with symbolism!

So before you rush out and plunk down hard-earned cash for some gems, make sure you know their symbolic meanings. I’ve tried telling Hubby that my need for more  jewelry isn’t about flash but about healing! ( I think I almost have him convinced)

From A to J

Agate: Deemed the stone of invisibility in many ancient cultures (wonder how that worked out for them), this stone is symbolic of prosperity, long life, and a bountiful harvest.

Amethyst: Worn my Catholic bishops, the gem is linked to spiritual protection, clarity, andamethyst peace of mind. It is associated with the crown chakra.

Bloodstone: It’s the warrior stone because it imparts courage in the face of obstacles. The stone was used to reduce bleeding and heal those with blood disorders. Believed to possess a great magnetic field, it is associated with the root chakra.

Carnelian: The stone is linked to to healing, creativity, and spirituality. It’s the stone of the  sacral chakra and promotes well-being.

Cat’s Eye: The stone offers protection from evil and inspires clear thinking and insight.

cystal skullCrystal Quartz: Crystal balls. Crystal skulls. You know this gem is special! This is the magic stone. Their power to amass and transfer energy is the stuff of legends.  Clear quartz is a powerful tool for meditation and healing. It’s a sacral chakra stone.

Diamond: Truth. Purity. Faithfulness. Commitment. Divine love. No wonder its the ice of choice for engagement rings. Some believe the stone cleanses a person’s soul by absorbing emotions. A diamond is the stone of the heart chakra.

Emerald: The bright green stone is symbolic of springtime, fertility, and youth. Egyptians buried theiremerald dead with the stone. It is considered a healing stone.

Garnet:  This deep red stone fights off our negative energy and boosts courage. It’s linked to the root chakra.

Jade: In China, its the stone of heaven, of purity, and emblematic of yang. It also symbolizes moral purity and justice. The stone of  luck.

Gems from K to Z

lapisLapis lazuli: A divine stone  associated with  wisdom and spiritual strength,  it enhances psychic power. This is the Philosopher’s Stone of yore. It’s connected to the higher mind thinking of the brow chakra.

Moonstone: Aptly named for its color and luminescence, the stone is connected to the moon, moon cyles, and love.

Opal: Ancient Romans thought they fell from heaven during a lightning storm ( if that was the case, all woman would be lightning chasers). The opal is associated with religious commitment and faithfulness.

Peridot: Fame: Strength: Courage: All those traits we admire. The semiprecious gem boosts personal identity and increases self-confidence. It’s the gem of the heart chakra.peridot

Ruby: L-O-V-E and passion. The gem is also symbolic of bravery and personal energy. The precious stone is connected to the root chakra and is attributed to increasing one’s life force.

Sapphire: The celestial sparkler of Peace, Truth, and Harmony.  It’s  connected to self-control and has been known to ward away evil.

Topaz: Known as the empathetic gem, the topaz  rids the body of nervous energy and improves appetite. It symbolizes beneficence, friendship, and forgiveness. A stone of  the solar plexus chakra, it’s associated with innate understanding of life’s complex problems.

turquoiseTurquoise: To Tibetans, this ancient and powerful stone is considered holy. It wards off Evil, boosts self-confidence, and encourages success. Connected to the throat chakra, this stone increases creativity and makes the wearer want to tell the truth. (mmm…a great gift idea for a teenage daughter)

Note: I teach literary analysis ( must pay the bills) and remind my students to look closely at the symbolism in a novel. Why did the author include that fruit? Or name the character Neil? Why is the protagonist sitting under a pear tree? Why is her dress blue? Before jumping to any symbolic conclusions however, we look at the symbol in context of setting, history, and culture.

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