sharkWriting is fun! Line editing—not so much. Many new writers are adrift on an ocean of punctuation and capitalization errors. Swimming though a shark-infested murky sea of comma and grammar rules is fraught with em-dash typhoons and ellipses tidal waves.

Don’t get stuck in the quagmire!

Here’s a short list of GO-TO life rafts  for navigating the editing waters. Also included are some of my personal favorites—just for fun!

A comprehensive  A-Z  onomatopoeia:

Extended rules for using commas: Purdue Online Writing Lab
  • The site provides excellent information and examples on a host of other grammar maladies.

20,000 names: Organized by  gender, culture, or specialized categories. Provides the meaning and origin.20,000

A list of swear words in MANY MANY other languages:

Rules for writing numbers:
  • So when does the hyphen go in between a number? This site tell you when and why.
 Architectural terminology:
  • From acanthus leaf to zoophorous, a long list with understandable definitions

May the Muse be with you!

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