They lay in the darkness, live in the gloom
of the least-used drawer in the spare bathroom.
The make-up I purchased but never wore
and never returned to the beauty store.


Lipsticks so garishly pink
when I bought it, did I pause to think?
Lipsticks a ghastly shade of red
had me resembling the walking dead.


A few dozen shades of foundation
like I’m hosting the United Nations.
Eyeliner too crumbly, too stiff, or too thick
for eyes that say Cleopatra or hot biker chick.


Blush that’s too pink, too orange, or brown
these must have been really marked way down.
Gaudy give-away eye shadows that sparkle and gleam
now only useful for a party at Halloween.


Turquoise mascara and sparkle lotion
garish hues for some drag queen’s potion.
It should all just get thrown into the trash,
don’t know why I keep this ugly make-up stash.


So I say goodbye and close the drawer
vowing to never, never buy any more.
Earth tones, neutrals, and subtle stains
A look that stays between the insane and mundane!


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