Denim Distress

denimJeans! Love ‘em or hate ‘em?

I used to love jeans. Wore them all the time when I was young. Faded. Stone washed. Bell bottom. Acid washed. Button fly. Shrink-to-fit. Yup. I had them all. Lived in denim. Just like my daughters do now.

Then something happened! One day, jeans no longer became my go-to choice.

Here’s why I think this happened:

  • I’ve become fussier about comfort. I want jeans that are soft and stretchy, but not too stretchy. After all, casual wear should be comfy, right?
  • There are too many leg styles from which to choose. Wide, skinny, straight, boot cut, flare. Each leg style requires a different length and style appropriate footwear.
  • There are too many fit choices! Boyfriend. Curvy. Extra curvy. Trouser. Original (?) Skinny boot. Sexy.  Perfect boot. Long & lean.  Straight. City. Easy. Jegging. High rise. Low rise. Mid rise. Super low. Demi-curve. Slight curve. Bold curve. Supreme curve. Aaaaggghhhh!
  • The rise is too low (sounds like a paradox). A two-inch zipper? Really? What’s the point?
  • I’ve become too critical about back pocket placement. ( High pockets make your butt look bigger, lower placement make the derriere ever so much more attractive—or so claim the fashionistas)
  • I’m too critical about the wash. There is even—according to my daughters—an  “old lady wash” which upon closer inspection is denim that’s too blue and had a medium faded rinse.
  • I don’t want rhinestones, beads, flowers, logos, metal studs, or skulls on my a**.  ‘nough said.
  • Jeans are expensive! The ones with designer tears, holes, fading, and fraying cost even more money!
  • Machine or hang dry? Heat shrinks them and air-drying makes them stiff. (Wish this wasn’t a PG blog–several nasty jokes come to mind)
  • They seem to be either too loose or too tight.

PZI Jeans I love jeans. They are an American classic. They look as good with a sequin top as they do with a t-shirt. A style staple that is ever so versatile—if only I could find a pair.

All I want is the perfect jean. Is that too much to ask?

I guess it’s every woman’s quest.

How many jeans do you own? How many do you actually wear regularly? What’s your biggest denim gripe? Any recommends?

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